Are you a ‘people-person’? 4 rewarding careers for extroverts

Do you consider yourself a people person? Are you a natural extrovert?

Are you in the market for work that gives you an excuse to meet new people, foster meaningful relationships, and learn about others?

You’re in luck – there are plenty of pathways available to you.

And many of them can be obtained by studying in Melbourne with Academia!

Your personality matters in choosing a career path.

You may not realise it immediately, but the way that you’re wired can greatly affect which career is the best bet for you, as well as which course in Melbourne you should think about taking.

Careers that are perfect for a people person

Business and retail manager

While a lot of the work is behind-the-scenes, you’ll also be close to the front line as it were, able to hop in and deal with customers and the rest of your team whenever you need your daily dose of social interaction!

Becoming a retail or business manager is the perfect role for someone who’s people-oriented.

If you’re going to manage a team or business, you need to be a people person. You’ll need to be able to interact with customers and clients, while also developing strong relationships with and a positive environment for your team.

Of course, it isn’t just people skills that you’ll need to succeed – you’ll also need hard skills like financial management, bookkeeping, inventory management, knowledge of workplace safety laws and more.

You’ve got the people skills down, but need some help brushing up the “hard” skills – that’s where our range of leadership and management courses come into the picture:

Whether you’re gunning for a promotion or want to jump ahead and get right into management circles, our business and management courses in Melbourne give you the extra boost you need.

Early childhood educator

Early childhood care and education is the perfect pathway for extroverts who enjoy being around children – and playing a pivotal role in their development.

Your love of people regardless of their size is certain to make you feel the satisfaction after a day’s work. And speaking of work, there’s plenty of it thanks to increasing demand for childcare services!

Starting a career in early childhood education is one of the most rewarding jobs that you can have as an extrovert.

And it isn’t just the sheer variety of your day-to-day work, or the fact that you’ll have an excuse to interact with heaps of little people on a daily basis either:

Childcare is about much more than just watching over children – as a childcare worker, you play a direct role in shaping young minds and bodies, and setting them up for the rest of their lives.

Being people person is a plus – however, you also need to be proficient in:

  • Educating them through play
  • First aid and other medical care
  • Promoting and supervising hygiene
  • Understanding theories of childhood development
  • Safe food preparation
  • Communicating with children and parents

These are just some of the things you’ll need to know before you get to work – luckily, our childcare courses in Melbourne take a holistic approach that cover all of these and more.

Whether you choose the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or complete the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, you’ll leave with all the skills you need to shape young lives.

Aged care worker

Now, we’re heading for the other end of the age scale.

Caring and supporting the elderly is a great fit for people-oriented folks like you.

In your day-to-day work, you will interact with all sorts of people:

  • Residents
  • Their relatives
  • Other staff
  • Visitors

Working outside an aged care facility, such as in-house care, is no different either – while the number of people you deal with may be lower, the amount of one-on-one interaction you’ll have can be even greater.

It isn’t just about satisfying your own social needs, either – in many cases, your presence and interaction plays a large role in maintaining the mental health and wellbeing of the very people you’re looking after.

Academia offers a range of aged care courses in Melbourne:

While social skills are important, these courses give you the training you need to fill in the rest of the blanks.

Hospitality staff and manager

There’s perhaps no industry more social than hospitality!

The hospitality industry needs staff – and in particular, managers – who are good at interacting with all sorts of people from different cultures and backgrounds. In particular, it’s an industry that needs extroverts like you.

Good customer relationships and customer service can’t exist without good people skills.

The two go hand-in-hand – which is why hospitality managers need to have solid people skills (so you’ve got an advantage here!)

And it isn’t just customers, either – you’re also in charge of leading and managing all types of people, something that itself requires excellent people skills.

With a focus on teaching you the management skills needed to thrive in the competitive hospitality industry (in particular, the skills you need to manage a venue), our hospitality management courses are just what you need.

Get the “hard” skills to back up your people skills with our online courses

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