Why study commercial cookery in Melbourne?

So you’ve decided where you want to take your career, as well as what you need to study to get there.

Before you can start thinking about enrolling in the institution of your choice however, you need to figure out where you’re going to study.

The city you choose to study in can have major consequences for the rest of your academic career. Not only does it change where you live and how you get around, but it can also directly influence your studies and career, as well as your prospects!

Choosing to complete a certificate or diploma in commercial cookery in Melbourne for example can open up all sorts of opportunities for students like you.

There are plenty of places to study cookery in Australia – so why choose Melbourne? We’ll give you five good reasons!

Why study commercial cookery in Melbourne?

Out of all the cities in the world, what makes Melbourne the best choice to study commercial cookery? What can a commercial cookery course in Melbourne offer that other Australian cities can’t?

A lot, actually!

Here are just a couple of things commercial cookery students like yourself can benefit from if you choose to study in Melbourne…

1) Bustling hospitality scene

Food and beverage services are one of the largest employing sub-sectors in Australia – in Melbourne however, it’s part of the city’s blood!

Melbourne has a reputation as the culinary capital of the country – good news for prospective commercial cookery students like you!

Strong foodie culture can’t be overestimated when looking for a place to study commercial cookery.

Immersing yourself in a strong food scene and surrounding yourself with people who have the same love for food that you do:

  • Can give you opportunities to enjoy new food experiences
  • Help build friendships with people who love food just as much as you do
  • Gives you an excuse to go out and “do research”

Really, there isn’t much more to say about this!

2) Networking opportunities 

These aren’t the only reasons that studying commercial cookery in a city of food-lovers is such a good idea – it also means that there are plenty of networking opportunities available to you!

As part of your commercial cookery course, you’ll need to complete a mandatory work placement.

And don’t forget that you’ll also have to go through the process of finding a job afterwards.

You need to connect with the right people if you want to find these opportunities. Luckily, this gets a lot easier when you’re based in a city that has a large hospitality scene!

Studying in a city with a strong hospitality scene with plenty of restaurants means that you have plenty of opportunities to network with other hospitality professionals – something that can be a huge help in starting your career.

3) Strong job prospects

Not only that, but more hospitality businesses means more job opportunities – simple as that!

Completing your commercial cookery course isn’t going to help you much if there aren’t any commercial cookery jobs to be had, after all.

With its strong hospitality sector, Melbourne offers students like you plenty of fantastic opportunities to begin working in kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

Not only that, but it also gives you a variety of different options that other cities might not.

From 5-star hotels to small hole-in-the-wall restaurants, you have plenty of options, as well as countless different directions available.

All you have to do is finish studying commercial cookery in Melbourne first!

4) Finally, it’s a great city to live (and study) in!

Of course, the food scene and training institutions aren’t the only things you should look at when finding a place to study commercial cookery – you also need to make sure you’ve chosen a city that you’re happy to study and live in.

Luckily for you, Melbourne has all of those boxes ticked!

Melbourne has:

  • An expansive public transport system
  • Unbeatable arts, music and sports
  • The biggest, most-developed hospitality sector in the country

The city is even the current title holder for second most liveable city in the world (coming off a 7-year run in the number 1 spot).

Little wonder Melbourne is such a popular choice for students who are studying commercial cookery in Australia!

Break into the hospitality scene with our commercial cookery courses in Melbourne!

So you’ve chosen Melbourne as the city you want to study in.

Now for the next step: choosing a commercial cookery course that:

  • Ensures you receive a quality education
  • Gives you the skills you’re looking for
  • Helps you get your foot in the door

Luckily, Academia’s commercial cookery courses in Melbourne have you covered.

What’s more, our online learning system allows you to continue learning and working towards your certificate even within the confines of your home!

Our online system replicates the classroom experience as much as possible, ensuring that your training doesn’t suffer as a result.

When you study cookery in Melbourne, you’ll enjoy:

  • Maintaining a low student-teacher ratio
  • Facilitating collaboration during class – no pre-recorded lectures here!
  • Giving you the tools to keep in contact after-hours

No matter which course you choose, you’ll receive the same quality training!

Certificate in Commercial Cookery III (SIT30816) 

Start your career in commercial cookery by building up essential practical cooking skills and knowledge.

A Certificate in Commercial Cookery III provides you with both the theoretical and practical learning and training you’ll use throughout your commercial cookery career.

It forms the bedrock for your career, which is why it’s so important to choose the right institution!

Combining theory-based classroom lessons with hands-on training, a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery prepares you for the high standards that come with working in commercial kitchens.

Find out more about the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

Certificate in Commercial Cookery IV (SIT40516)

Do you plan on managing your restaurant and cafe one day? Looking to make yourself a more attractive candidate for promotion?

If so, enrolling in a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery could be just what you need.

This course takes the foundational skills covered in a Certificate III and expands on them, expanding your knowledge and experience with training in management, budgeting, marketing and more – essential skills if you’re going to lead a team or kitchen.

Students can even complete this course alongside a Diploma of Hospitality Management to turn themselves into a seriously attractive candidate!

Find out more about the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

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