Dreaming of working in your dream restaurant or your own hospitality business? If so, you’ll need more than just a love for cooking!

While a passion for food and a basic knowledge of food preparation is certainly important for your career, if you want to become a certified chef and really make headway in the industry, you’ll need to complete a commercial cookery course in Melbourne.

And here’s why…

1) Our commercial cookery school teaches more than cooking

As a professional cook, you’ll need to know more than just how to prepare food – you’ll also need to know how to safely prepare food and work in a commercial kitchen.

In particular, you’ll need to be intimately familiar with:

  • Food safety and handling requirements
  • Cleaning and decontamination processes
  • Hygiene food practices
  • Accommodating for allergies
  • Maintaining perishable items
  • Work health and safety requirements

These skills are essential if you’re to build a long and rewarding career in the kitchen.

Not to mention, many are legal requirements too!

Our cooking courses teach more than just cooking – we teach you the skills and provide the knowledge you need to become a well-rounded professional in the booming and ever-growing hospitality industry!

2) You’ll learn advanced cooking techniques

You can chop, grill and bake like a master.

But if you want to head to a commercial kitchen, you’ll be doing much more than that!

  • How proficient are you at preparing seafood?
  • Or working around special dietary requirements?
  • Or crafting your own seasonal menus?

You may not have much of an opportunity to do this in your home kitchen. In a commercial kitchen however, these tasks can make up some of your day-to-day schedule.

Not to mention, much of the equipment in a commercial kitchen is considerably larger and more powerful than what you have at home.

3) Real-world experience before you start working

As we’ve mentioned before, commercial kitchens function differently from home cooking.

While classroom lessons can replicate this difference, if you ask us, the best way to learn commercial cookery – and put your new knowledge into practice – is in a hands-on environment.

Our commercial cookery courses in Melbourne are structured to balance classroom learning with practical workshops that allow you to test your skills in a real-world commercial kitchen.

What’s more, our commercial cookery school also has strong connections with many of Melbourne’s finest establishments and hospitality businesses, allowing you to get comfortable with the types of work you’ll experience in your career.

You might find yourself working in one of the following hotels in Melbourne as part of your work experience!

Study Commercial Cookery in Melbourne with Academia!

Where can our cooking classes take you?

Anywhere you want, really – from bistros,pubs, and restaurants to hotels, event venues, and catering companies!

Our commercial cookery courses in Melbourne offer local and international students an entrypoint into the hospitality industry anywhere in Australia.

With a variety of different courses and specialisation son offer, our institute in Melbourne can help you achieve your career aspirations, whatever they may be.

Certificate in Commercial Cookery III (SIT30816) 

Just getting started? If so, the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery might be just what you need.

With a focus on ingraining practical skills, the Certificate III is just what aspiring chefs need to get their foot in the door.

Learn everything that you need before working in a commercial kitchen environment and discover the practical cookery skills and knowledge you need to succeed.

Commercial Cookery III provides you with classroom-based learning and practical training with our workplace partners that will prepare you for employment in the food industry.

With the Certificate III, you’ll be able to work your way into the kitchen hierarchy as an apprentice or commis chef – a vital first step in your career!

Find out more about the Certificate III in Commercial Cookery.

Certificate in Commercial Cookery IV (SIT40516)

Aiming for a leadership and management position in the kitchen?

Want to move up and climb to the position of chef de partie, sous chef, or even executive chef?

If so, the right training and qualification can help you get there!

The Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery provides you with all the necessary knowledge and experience in management, finance, and marketing that you need to succeed in leading a team and business.

While you’ll still learn valuable practical skills, you’ll also learn about important managerial responsibilities, including:

  • Planning menus
  • Kitchen policies
  • Team leadership and management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Managing finances and stock
  • Training and coaching

After successfully completing this course, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your studies with the Diploma of Hospitality Management.

Find out more about the Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

Academia’s Patisserie school

Got a sweet tooth? Looking to specialise in desserts, cakes, pastries and more?

Our patisserie school can help you get there!

Structured similarly to our commercial cookery courses in Melbourne, our hospitality school focuses on the sweeter side of kitchen work.

Learn more about our patisserie courses in Melbourne.

Interested in studying our commercial cookery courses in Melbourne?

Now that you understand what our commercial cookery courses look like, you’ll also have a better idea of which one is the best fit for your career aspirations!

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