Learning English to Improve Your Business Opportunities

An ever-increasing number of people are making the wise and very strategic career move of enhancing the business opportunities available to them by studying English at an English language school. Australia is home to some of the world’s best colleges and facilities to learn English, and the city of Melbourne, a global and dynamic city, is an outstanding place to live and learn the English language with a view to enhancing your business opportunities.

Does learning English really enhance your business opportunities?

Regardless of the language you most comfortably speak, or the official language of your homeland, there is no denying that the majority of business communications in this day and age take place in English. Frequently acknowledged as the “language of business exchanges and transactions”, the widespread contemporary use of the English language has largely been influenced by globalisation — business exchanges more readily taking place across geographically distant locations has boosted the economies of many countries and bolstered the importance and use of the English language.

When you not only learn English, but are confident and proficient in your use of the language, more effective relationships with clients can be established and maintained.

Excellent use of the English language enables a professional to communicate with international clients more comfortably and meaningfully. In fact, an ever-growing number of organisations are investing in their key personnel and executives by ensuring they are taught business English.

Although it is always possible to learn key words and phrases that promote business relationships and transactions, practice is certainly enhanced when a certified program for learning business English is undertaken. Moreover, it is common for a person to acquire confidence and greater skill when studying English through a certified provider and a course that is aligned with the nature of their business and their specific business needs.

Essentially, the most effective business English education programs have a focus on improving the individual’s knowledge of business terminology and increasing the number of relevant business words in the individual’s vocabulary.

Different forms and applications of business English

As so many astute and successful business people testify, business English is needed for a variety of business tasks and communications. Communication via email is increasingly common and, arguably, the most important way that business information is exchanged; it is therefore important that an effective business language course includes dedicated content in relation to composing and interpreting emails.

Different kinds of business letters are also a key component of quality business English courses. It is necessary to understand the different types of business letters and the uses of each and, with this knowledge, a person is able to select the most appropriate style of communication for a particular occasion.

Of course, English training to improve business opportunities will also equip students with a sound understanding and appreciation of formal and informal language and correct expression. Similarly, correct grammar is critically important when preparing and providing business communication.

More than written communication

Interestingly, business English encompasses written communication as well as social conversation and etiquette when conversing — particularly over the telephone. While some people learning English can feel self-conscious about their accent, reassuringly, an accent is not as significant and important as the use of fluent and correct speech. When a person can fluently speak English for business purposes, written communications typically improve too.

An appropriate and relevant business vocabulary is definitely important, as is the confident and accurate use of the English language in order to improve business opportunities. When an individual has a solid grasp of the English language and is able to undertake all manner of business tasks and exchanges using the English language, it is reasonable and expected that the business opportunities available to them will simultaneously improve.

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