Certificates And Diplomas – Top 4 Tips on How To Follow The Qualifications Trail

The qualifications trail can really get on people’s nerves. Making lifetime decisions in a maze of options isn’t much fun, and it’s not easy. It’s not always clear what a certificate or diploma can do for you, or what academic options they create. There’s often no clear career path to follow. People can literally talk themselves out of getting a useful qualification like a marketing degree, simply because they don’t have enough information.

Making sense of the qualifications trail

The basic series of stages of qualifications are:

  • Certificates (business certificates, vocational certificates, etc.)
  • Diplomas (diploma in business administration, diploma in business management)
  • Undergraduate degrees (Bachelors Degree)
  • Graduate degrees (Masters Degree)
  • Advanced degrees (MBA, MFA)
  • Doctorates (PhDs)

Ask the college for clarification of entry qualifications, and you

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