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自2005年以来国际学生已经在 Academia位于墨尔本中心的新校园学习英语。学生选择 Academia 是因为它在每一个班级都有平衡国籍组合的安排可以让学生拥有一个友好,热情和支持的环境。这也帮助学生有能力参与其他学生学习职业课程,如酒店,商业烹饪,柏迪斯茶座,美容美发治疗。


General English (GE)*

Code: 074238K

Designed for students ranging in level from complete beginner to advanced, this course provides students with the opportunity to practice their English in a supportive, encouraging environment.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)*

Code: 064320K

Students hoping to attend further studies in Australia need practice in the use of Academic English. This course provides the support that international students need to reach their goal of entering to university

English for IELTS Preparation*

Code: 068514A

IELTS preparation courses prepare students to take the IELTS test. There are two levels offered at Academia. Courses start every 5 weeks. It takes approximately 10 weeks for a student to raise her or his IELTS score by .5

Free Extra Classes for Our English Students

All our English programs now run 4 days a week (20 hours) with 1 day of FREE optional extra classes/activities.

Conversation Club

This class is ideal for students who want to:

  • Practice their speaking skills
  • Meet and socialise with students from different classes
  • Discuss a variety of topics

Pronunciation Club

This class is helpful for students who want to:

  • Improve their pronunciation
  • Improve their fluency and sound more natural
  • Understand different accents

Job Club

This private one-on-one class will help you to:

  • Write a resume/CV
  • Write a professional cover letter
  • Practice answering interview questions

Writing Extra

This class is useful for students who want to:

  • Improve their writing skills
  • learn how to write a good topic sentence, paragraph and essay
  • learn how to plan, draft and edit a piece of writing

Movie Club

This class is perfect for students who want to:

  • watch and talk about movies in English
  • practice their speaking, listening and writing skills
  • meet and socialise with students from different classes

PTE Preparation Class

This class is suitable for students who are:

  • interested in an alternative to the IELTS test
  • want to learn more about the PTE's test structure and question types
  • want tips and strategies on how best to approach the PTE test

Social Activities

To get the best out of your learning experience learning in Australia, Academia organises social and leisure activities every 5 weeks. These include:

  • Zoo trips
  • Glow Golf
  • Pub quiz events
  • Student parties
  • Sporting events
  • Book club
  • Gallery visits











Academia Student Nationality Chart


Academia English Students have access to spacious classrooms all with sunlight access, electronic projectors, computer labs with free internet access during and outside class hours.

English Trainers Qualifications

All Teachers of English at Academia are:

Native English speakers

Have a minimum of a Bachelor Degree and a Certificate IV in TESOL

A large proportion have a Masters in English teaching related studies

Average 5 years of teaching English to overseas students

By having many years of teaching experience, our Teachers can quickly identify and apply teaching techniques to our students’ training needs, and deliver effective English tuition in a fun, systematic and supportive learning environment.

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