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Student Services - Accommodation Options

Academia College will gladly assist in finding suitable accommodation. It cannot however, enter into agreements with Real Estate Agents or householders on your behalf.

Temporary Accommodation on Arrival

Temporary accommodation can be arranged directly by yourself with OZiHOUSE group, please follow next links for more details.

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The housing information provided here should be treated as a guide only. The accommodation facilities referred to here and elsewhere on our web site are not owned or operated by Academia International.


Homestay involves the student living with an Australian family. Rooms may be single or shared and cost will vary accordingly.

  1. First Day: Host Families take the student and explain the directions to Academia prior to, or on the first day. Host Families assist with timetables, purchasing tickets, train, tram and bus numbers and stops.
  2. Illness: Host families assist the student if medical/dental appointments are required. Students will receive their Health Cover card on average within three weeks of their induction day. Please advise the student they may still go to the doctor (even without their health cover card) keep the receipt, and then claim their expenses once they receive their card.
  3. Bedroom: The student's room is to have a comfortable bed, wardrobe, linen, a desk, desk lamp and a chair. The Homestay family also provides towels.
  4. Meals: The Homestay provides three meals a day. Lunch may be a packed, cut lunch consisting of a sandwich, fruit and drink, or other food if the student prefers. The students may prefer to buy their own lunch.
  5. Toiletries: Students supply their own shampoo and toothpaste. Soap and toilet paper are to be provided by the Homestay.
  6. Laundry: The Homestay is required to do the washing for the student. The student is responsible for their ironing if they are over eighteen years old. High school students require a clean white shirt each day for school. Linen should be changed once a week.
  7. Cleaning: The students are responsible for keeping their rooms clean and tidy.
  8. Cost: approx $1,600 per 4 weeks ($290/week) for a single room (non shared) plus $10/week internet use plus a one off placement fee of $200.

Share Accommodation

Advertisements on student noticeboards and in sections of the local newspapers will appear for one or more people to share a house or flat, often where a lease has already been taken out. This often suits students once they have been in the country for a while and are comfortable with their new country's living arrangements. Cost $150+ per week.

Rental Accommodation

As with share accommodation, units, flats, single bedsitters and even houses, are available through Real Estate Agents. These are normally unfurnished. One month's rent in advance may be charged plus a bond (or security deposit) prior to signing a lease agreement. Cost: $250+ per week.