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Traditional Chinese Translation

English Only Promotion 1st of July to 31st of October 2019

English course fee

$190 per week + $10 per week materials

English Plus Vocational Course Packaged Enrolment Promotion

Students who wish to enrol in a packaged English PLUS Vocational Course enrolment (E.g. English Plus Diploma of Hospitality Majoring in Commercial Cookery or English PLUS Certificate IV in Ageing Services etc) you pay a further reduced price only for your English course of:

$180/week plus $10/week in Materials.


Cantonese Version Wing Yip Lee
Mandarin Version Yee Theng Low
French Version Melissa Courtin
Greek Version Androula Markou
Italian Version Francesco Rotunno
Japanese Version Koki Fukayama
Spanish Version Julmyth Lei Carrillo
Korean Version Jihyang Myeong
Korean Version Hyerim Kim
Thai Version Auchareeya Potima
Vietnamese Version Dieu Quynh Vien

NEAS Quality Audit

Choose an English course with the NEAS sticker of approval

NEAS is a global leader in English education. If your English course does not have NEAS-certification, you may not be receiving the education you need to reach your goals!

Academia International achieves quality outcomes in all criteria in its most recent NEAS Quality Audit, achieving the highest possible result. NEAS is a global leader in quality assurance for the English Language Teaching (ELT) sector. Academia’s English Centre in Melbourne has received NEAS highest endorsement.

English Courses Endorsed By NEAS


自2005年起,Academia 位於墨爾本市中心的校區便開始招收國際學生。無論是和善且樂於協助學生的學習環境、均衡的學生國藉比例或是有機會和技職學生共同上課的特色,都是學生選擇就讀的理由。和其他優良的英語學習中心一樣,Academia 是English Australia (澳洲英語協會) 的正式會員,致力於提供學生最好的英語課程和學生服務。


General English (GE)* 基礎英語
Code: 074238K


English for Academic Purposes (EAP)* 學術英語
Code: 064320K


English for IELTS Preparation* 雅思考試準備
Code: 068514A


Meet some of our Teachers

Free online lessons

Academia English Melbourne Australia

Presentation Structure

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

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Academia English Melbourne Australia

Introduction to Conditionals

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

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Academia English Melbourne Australia

Aussie Slang: Saying Hello

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

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Academia English Melbourne Australia

Basic Noun Phrases

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

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Academia English Melbourne Australia

Argumentative Essay Introduction

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

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Why Study At Academia?

Study at Academia and experience the world

In addition to our Australian Students, Academia has over 50 nationalities attending our Vocational and English courses on average at any point in time.

Education and Industry Awards

Academia is known as a leader in quality tuition recognized by Industry and the Australian Government as our awards show.

Campuses Location & Facilities

Our campuses situated in the central business districts of Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. Our English Students have access to spacious classrooms all with sunlight access, electronic projectors, and computer labs with free internet access during and outside class hours.

mid-sized tertiary institution

You will be treated as an individual at Academia with personalized care and a tailored training plan for students who encounter difficulties in progressing in certain subjects.

Social Activities Calendar for our English Students in Melbourne

At Academia International we believe that learning is not just about the classroom, so we encourage students to go out and meet people and enjoy all the social activities that Melbourne have to offer.


History, culture, entertainment, shopping and world-class sporting events - it’s no surprise that Melbourne has been voted by the Economist as the world’s most liveable city 6 years in a row. This vibrant and bustling cosmopolitan city is also famous for its lush parks, gardens and green spaces where you can enjoy nature at its best.

See the Activities Calendar for Melbourne



Conversation Club 會話班


  1. 練習口語技能
  2. 和不同英語程度的學生一同練習
  3. 課程含蓋廣泛的主題討論

Pronunciation Club 正音班


  1. 修正英語發音
  2. 提升口語的流暢性和自然度
  3. 了解不同的口音

Job Club 求職技能班


  1. 準備履歷/簡歷
  2. 準備專業的求職信
  3. 練習面試時的對話和回答

Writing Extra 寫作加強班


  1. 提高寫作水平
  2. 學習分析主題、句型、段落和文章
  3. 學習規劃、起草和編輯

Movie Club 電影同好會


  1. 英語觀賞和討論電影
  2. 練習口語、聽力和寫作技巧
  3. 和不同等級、班級學生交流 學習規劃、起草和編輯等寫作技巧

Social Activities 社交活動

讓你的澳洲學習體驗更豐富,Academia 安排了各種戶内/外活動邀你一同參與,每5週内容包括:

  1. 動物園之旅
  2. 夜光高爾夫
  3. 酒吧猜謎
  4. 學生派對
  5. 體育賽事
  6. 讀書會
  7. 畫廊參觀


所有Academia 的英語教師具備以下條件:





Having had many years of teaching experience, our teachers can quickly identify and apply teaching techniques to address their students’ needs, and to deliver effective English tuition in a fun, systematic and supportive learning environment.


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