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FNS60215 Advanced Diploma of Accounting

At the core of every good business is solid bookkeeping and accounting!

  1. Get real-world skills to make a splash in the ever-growing accounting industry
  2. Learn from professionals in a supportive and nurturing environment
  3. Expand your job opportunities within the field, or start your own accounting business!

Through face-to-face learning, you’ll develop advanced skills to work in the accounting industry and be responsible for a variety of accounting, bookkeeping, and financial roles.

The Advanced Diploma of Accounting opens up a world of opportunities beyond accounting: your skills will enable to you contribute to tasks revolving around corporate governance, economics, and statistics, too.

It also arms you with the skills required to pursue your own business.

Further Education

Students who successfully complete the Advanced Diploma of Accounting can continue in degree programs at university and higher education institutions.

Find out more about Academia's Pathways here.

Career Pathways

Career prospects include roles such as:

  1. Financial accounting officer
  2. Corporation law assistant
  3. Financial costing projects manager
  4. Income tax professional
  5. Financial controller

Study, Assessment Methods and Facilities

This course is delivered face-to-face, through a combination of tutorials and computer lab workshops.

You will be assessed through written tests, computer-based (MYOB) tasks, and assignments.

Equipment includes: Fully Equipped Computer Labs, Accounting/Business Software, Client Server and student PCs, Printed and on line Resources. Spacious classrooms, free internet access.

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Course Recognition

Course Code: FNS60215
Course Name: Advanced Diploma of Accounting
CRICOS Code: 091538A
CRICOS Duration: 52 weeks registered on CRICOS, including tuition and course breaks
Pre-requisite: FNS50215 Diploma of Accounting (CRICOS: 091537B)

Units of competency for the Advanced Diploma of Accounting

Unit Code
Unit Description
Monitor corporate governance activities
Apply economic principles to work in the financial services industry
Prepare and administer compliant tax returns for legal entities
Audit and report on financial systems and records
Interpret and use financial statistics and tools
Unit Code
Unit Description
Implement tax plans and evaluate tax obligations
Prepare and analyse management accounting information
Prepare complex corporate financial reports
Comply with financial services legislation and industry codes of practice
Prepare financial report s to meet statutory requirements
Unit Code
Unit Description
Prepare tax documentation for individual
Implement and maintain internal control procedures
Provide management accounting information
Prepare financial reports for corporate entities

Study Accounting in Melbourne Today!

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Academia welcomes international and local students alike, helping you to learn the skills employers are actually looking for, and building your confidence to enter the industry.

At the forefront of emerging trends, Academia’s Advanced Diploma of Accounting arms students with the critical skills required to specialise in their area of preference, including financial management, taxation, or commercial law.

Face-to-face education from industry professionals, in smaller class sizes, ensures every student gets the attention they deserve.

This enables Academia students to not only succeed in their studies, but also get the training required to thrive in their future workplace!

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