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Philip Koumides Scholarship and Tributes

20.3.1962 – 13.1.2012

Philip Koumides

Philip Koumides

Philip Koumides, Academia co-founder, passed away in 2012. We will always remember his optimistic attitude, gregarious nature, innovative ideas and managerial abilities. Philip strived for excellence and set the example we continue to hold today, ensuring Academia is a high-quality educational institution.

The Philip Koumides Scholarship

In memory of Philip, this scholarship recognises outstanding students who actively engage with Academia through participation in competitions or sharing their academic journey.

The Philip Koumides Scholarship is awarded to students who contribute to Academia through:

  1. Actively promote Academia as an institution.
  2. Participating and winning competitions.
  3. Demonstrate high academic progress and achievement.

Note: Depending on their contribution level, selected students can receive up to a Full-Term Scholarship covering their Final-Term tuition fees at Academia.

The Philip Koumides Scholarship Winners

Academia congratulates the following students who have been awarded the Philip Koumides Scholarship to date in demonstrating and living the attributes of Academia's co-founder: Academic Progress, Generosity and Willingness to help others.

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2019

scholarship winners - fabian yanes vallejos


The moment I stepped into the school, just to show interest in studying there, I have received help in every step of the way with a lot of care. I felt welcome since day 1 and still feel like I am part of the Academia movement.

Academia International is ideal for international students. The school has a lot of experience in being an international school and it shows. Very knowledgeable in every area of studies that they offer and an even bigger understanding of Visa requirements and boundaries. If you have any inquiries regarding these topics, expect expert insight and help!

scholarship winners 2019 - vania lestari


Hi, my name is Vania Lestari. I’m Indonesian and doing Diploma of Hospitality Management. To be honest, I haven’t experience at all about kitchen life and hospitality management before I came to Australia. But then, Academia International has been providing me with a great experience while studying here. Academia International program was making me feel comfortable and more confident entering this field and future here. One of the reasons I enrolled at Academia because they provide placement work (work experience) for all the student on purpose. From that I could gain plenty of practical experience, could develop my cooking skill, increase my self-confidence, and could develop my understanding of work life issues. Beside that, I could get a new community and have a big chance to work there as proper job later.

Furthermore, I am really impressed with the willingness of teachers to assist us. They are very helpful and knowledgeable within this area. They are understood that English isn’t my first language and they could find the other way to help me out from my struggling during studying here. Overall my experience with Academia International is beyond exceptional. Thank you to Academia International representative who approached me on that day and big thanks to all of staffs Academia International as well.

I highly recommend Academia International to be part of your journey in Melbourne. Cheers.

Eunsun SONG
scholarship winners 2019 - eunson song

Commercial Cookery

I am studying in commercial cookery & hospitality in Academia international.

I got a cert III in last year and I had really good experience in my life in last year. For the first time, I came to Australia as a working holiday visa 2 years ago and I was concerned the school which had cookery course. I wanted learning the cooking skills and knowledge more and more even I was working in the industry. I compared the schools that their curriculum. I decided to choose the Academia because the Academia has a well-knit the curriculum and group of professors. Also, My agent she recommended me the school and my friend studied in Academia as well. Exactly, my decision was correct.

Since I studied in Academia, My schedule was little bit hard working. However, I was glad that I can learn skills and knowledge. During the course, I made a lot of friends who were from various nationalities. I could learn diversity cultures and foods. In addition, All professors had a large number of knowledges. They were really kindly, friendly, helpful, professional and understanding. The practical course was fun. The each stages had parts such as meats, game meats, sea foods, vegetable, etc.

For example, the game meats stage, the professor explained the game meat that what is the game meat and kind of games. After that, We cooked the dishes using the game meats. It is really good to understand the foods and cooking. Also, I learned the food safety which is significant then cooking skills. The Academia course had the theory class which teach the finance, staff supervision and quality management. Even I worked in the restaurant in my country, I can learn the another countries foods, cultures, moreover, management as well. it is good chance for becoming a big chef.

Elase Karen SUBSUBAN
scholarship winners 2019 - elase karen subsuban

Aged Care

I am Karen from Philippines studying at Academia International, I did Certificate III in Individual Support and taking Certificate IV in Ageing support. The school site is great as it is found in the city, many shops and restaurants around the area and public transport is accessible. Academia have excellent facilities and services with an approachable staffs. Everyone is given a personal computer, we used E-Books instead of printed one, and assessments are through the system which I find very convenient. With regards to aged care course, they have enough equipment’s available for learning and the teacher is the best. I don’t think anyone could be better than Rati. I am fortunate to have chosen Academia International. I am very satisfied and happy to belong in this institution.

Myungjin BAE
scholarship winners 2019 - myungjin bae


I have been studying about diploma of hospitality management at academia school for almost a year.

I always wanted to study in this school for a long time. It was my dream as everyone knows, academia is great school and good reputation. I am happy and satisfied to study here. I am always interested at the hotel, and wanted to work. So, i wanted to study in a good school. After all, choose this school my decision was proved right.

My experience is awesome. My teacher is Gustavo. He always support and care for us, and also help a lot.

The teacher come over to teach us how to study well. He gives generous advice. Recently, I got to a job in hotel. I am applying a lot from practical work based on what I learned at school. I learned so much about my job and I become more confident and more passionate.

Academia school allows those who are extremely keen to go to academies that focus their talents more efficiently than another school ever could. Academia school offers their own to how to apply what we learn in real life situations.

Thank you so much Academia for everything. And also, I appreciate every single person who working in Academia and helped me to achieve my goal. I am glad that I choose Academia to make my dream comes true. Now, I have big family from Academia. I cannot forget the great experience from Academia school.

Big thanks to Academia. I extremely recommend Academia for your studies.

Yu Ting KAO
scholarship winners 2019 - yu ting kao


I am very grateful to have the Philip Koumides Scholarship. I am a pastry student at the Academia International Brisbane. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank to the teachers for their instructive guidance, as well as high skills and the combination of theory courses and practical courses. At the same time, I would also like to thank the school for giving students the most space to show up and help us to do the internships. At the moment, I am working in a hotel where I was intern. I really learned a lot of knowledge at school. Thank you for the help of each staff member, and thank the teachers and classmate for their support.

Finally, thank you for the recognition of all teachers to let me get the Philip Koumides scholarship. Thank you very much.

Hsiao-Han(Annie) CHIU
scholarship winners 2019 - hsiao-han

Commercial Cookery

Many thanks to Academia gave me this opportunity to win a scholarship.

As an international student, I never thought I could win this honour in Australia! Thanks to all trainers at the Brisbane campus, as a beginner, they always encourage me, answer any kind of questions and help me as much as possible. I am also grateful to all administrators. When I have any problems, they always gave me the greatest help! Of course, all the students who have been trained together, we all help each other, learn from each other. I couldn't win this scholarship without everyone's help!

Once again, thank you Academia. The scholarship that I won is really the biggest affirmation for me!

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2018

Miroshah UNNI
scholarship winners 2018 - miroshah unni


Being awarded a scholarship is a huge honour and I am proud to have received this recognition for my studies in Academia. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the college and my trainers that have guided me throughout my studies. They are highly skilled, humble, passionate, professional and mainly teaching from personal experiences that they had gained through the Early Childhood Education and Care industry. It is truly a morale booster to feel recognized and has only encouraged me to continue working hard hence consistently been dedicated to improving myself.

Thank you again for the acknowledgement and your confidence in my abilities. This really means a lot to me!

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2017

Androula MARKOU
scholarship winners 2017 - androula markou


I'm Andrea and currently I study in Academia from last year. I got my certificate in Early Child Care and now nearly my Diploma. I'm very glad that I choose Academia to make my dream comes true. I want to say a big thank you to all staff. I recommend Academia for your studies. :) Thank you guys xxx

scholarship winners 2017 -  sephora


Thank you so much to everyone at Academia for your help and support throughout my course. Massive thank you to all the girls at reception, teachers and all the team. You guys are awesome. Had a blast the past two years in this school and learnt a lot from everyone. Do recommend it, good content for commercial cookery course. :)

scholarship winners 2017 - titima saisombat


scholarship winners 2017 - chumpol panyanonwat


Robert Zeon CASTRO
scholarship winners 2017 - robert zeon castro


Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2016

scholarship winners 2016 - Isyanee goorre


I am lsyane from Mauritius and I have started my certificate Ill in Children Services in July 2014. As from that day I have been studying in Academia International, I can say that I have been nurtures and motivated by the school in various ways.
Our mentor, Sonia has been very helpful in making sure that the lessons were well-delivered and she was able to make adjustments amenable to our concerns. The school administrators have also been approachable whenever I needed assistance. After being nominated for academic excellence / progress and awarded with the Philip Koumides scholarship for diploma in children services. It has made me realise that Academia International value their student not only in terms of Academic progress as well as the ability to help others.
I am very pleased with the support that the institution has provided me. Moreover, I really appreciate that this institution got me a job in the childcare industry.
Academia will always have a special place in my heart.

scholarship winners 2016 - marta vanancio da silva


My name is Marta and I'm from Brazil. I am honestly glad I've chosen Academia International to study my Diploma in Commercial Cookery, as it has given me great tools to work in the hospitality industry. The teachers are great and they really care about us international students. They are always patient and friendly and taught me a lot and I even got my first job as a Cook. What else can I ask for? I am proud of this school and how much difference it has made in my life.
Thanks to everyone. You guys are awesome!

Adina Thom TRZASKA
scholarship winners 2016 - adina thom trzaska


Learning at Academia is a great opportunity in my life. Except of being able to live in this amazing city, Melbourne. I also meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds from different cultures and countries, who give a great new input in my life. Teachers and staff are always helpful and make life for us students as easy as possible while teaching us everything we need to know for our next step in this country, whatever that may be.
Thank you for this great chance to learn in a safe and open-minded environment.

Veronika DURNA
scholarship winners 2016 - veronika durna


Studying at Academia International was a great experience for me. I didn't know what to expect at the beginning but I found course Diploma of Hospitality major in Commercial Cookery exciting and full of valuable and new information. I was lucky to have great teachers who care about their students and were helpful during practical classes as well as during the theory. Staff working in Academia is also very nice, friendly and willing to help you, which support overall positive atmosphere in the school.
I can honestly recommend study at Academia International because studying in such a diverse environment enriched me personally and expanded my horizons.

Zhen Xian VOON
scholarship winners 2016 - zhen xian voon


Being a student in Academia is a life changing experience for me. It has been my long-time dream to become a pastry chef and Academia is not only teaching me to become a good one but also helps hone my skills through giving me an opportunity to work at Park Hyatt hotel.
I'm always passionate about food and love making people happy through the cakes and pastries that I make. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing friends and family enjoy what I do. If not for Academia it is not possible to extend my passion and craft to people other than family and friends.
Learning is a never ending process and to have a career in the hospitality industry is a long journey, if one wants to be at is best, Academia and the trainers are not only feeding me the knowledge but also gave my career a jumpstart. For that I will always be grateful.

scholarship winners 2016 - phatsara wisetsing


Thank you so much Academia for your generous award to me from the Philip Koumides Scholarship program. This award is helping me to reach my goal of graduating and allow me to concentrate more fully on my studies as I continue. I would like to thank my teacher which helped me so much in my academic and in pursuing my dreams.

scholarship winners 2016 - eri obara


Especially if you are an international student, it's always great to have a warm, friendly and supportive study environment. Your trainers here are friendly yet passionate and professional.
They'll always be more than willing to help you with your studies and to share their industry experiences with you.
You'll also get to meet classmates from all over the world with many different points of view.
Learning in Academia is not just about the theory you study from the books in the classroom.

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2015

scholarship winners 2016 - vasileios giannopoulos


"Thank u very much guys........i have no words to describe the happiness.....i have met in Academia Australia people that have changed my life in less than a year.....people that i will never forget.....that's the real award"


David Irawan WUDIJONO
scholarship winners 2015 - david irawan wudijono


Joevie Doronio VILLALON
scholarship winners 2015 - joevie doronjo villalon


scholarship winners 2015 - kiki amelia


"Thank you so much to Academia ... it was such a big surprise for me.. I learned a lot so far and still continue learning.. smile emoticon also thanks to all trainers and my lovely classmates ! Big shout out for them ... ^^"


Serena ZITO
scholarship winners 2015 - serena zito


"Thank you so much! I did the best choice when I enrolled in Academia I met warming staff and teachers who helped me in succeeds and believe in myself.. Thanks again from my heart"

Serena ZITO

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2014

Jia Wen CHO
scholarship winners 2014 - jia wen cho

Screen and Media 3D Animation

scholarship winners 2014 - marco tondas


Theresa MENDEZ
scholarship winners 2014 - theresa mendez


scholarship winners 2014 - tri an nguyen