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Philip Koumides Scholarship and Tributes

20.3.1962 – 13.1.2012

Philip Koumides

We are all deeply saddened by the passing of Philip Koumides, CEO of Academia. Philip after 18 years of operating Registered Training Organisations for others, established Academia in partnership with Mel Koumides. Philip’s experience, managerial ability and a constant source of ideas has enabled Academia to attain the reputation it has today in the Australian Education Sector. He will be missed.

One key focus for Philip was to build a strong management team, collegiate and operational systems to allow Academia to operate with or without its founders. Academia will continue to deliver quality tuition to launch our graduates on new and life enriching careers.

The Philip Koumides Scholarship

In memory of Philip, the Philip Koumides Scholarship is established to support students who demonstrate the values that Philip exemplified in life. This scholarship applies for all 2 year enrolments offered at Academia where students completing their 1st year will be assessed for:

  1. Academic Progress
  2. Generosity
  3. Willingness to help others

Note: a balance of all three values above will be considered in determining the scholarship winner. Academic Excellence alone (although important) is not the key determinant for attaining a scholarship.

A student will be selected from each discipline and financially supported in the following manner

  1. If the Scholarship winner is an International Student, they will have their second year partly funded from a minimum of 1 Term in tuition fees
  2. If the Scholarship winner is a Domestic Student, they will receive a bursary

The Philip Koumides Scholarship Winners

Academia congratulates the following students who have been awarded the Philip Koumides Scholarship to date in demonstrating and living the attributes of Academia's co-founder:
Academic Progress, Generosity and Willingness to help others.

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2018


Being awarded a scholarship is a huge honour and I am proud to have received this recognition for my studies in Academia. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the college and my trainers that have guided me throughout my studies. They are highly skilled, humble, passionate, professional and mainly teaching from personal experiences that they had gained through the Early Childhood Education and Care industry. It is truly a morale booster to feel recognized and has only encouraged me to continue working hard hence consistently been dedicated to improving myself.

Thank you again for the acknowledgement and your confidence in my abilities. This really means a lot to me!

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2017


I am currently enrolled in a dual qualification of diploma of business and marketing at Academia. Not only the teaching methods and techniques are interesting, but my instructor is also very helpful when it comes to assisting me throughout the journey. Personally, i would recommend Academia to students that want to enhance their knowledge before articulating to universities or want to get their skills sharpened practically. More than this, Academia offers many pathways to universities which eventually provide students more opportunities to get the same degrees with strong backgrounds of practical skills offering with cost-effective quality.


I'm Andrea and currently I study in Academia from last year. I got my certificate in Early Child Care and now nearly my Diploma. I'm very glad that I choose Academia to make my dream comes true. I want to say a big thank you to all staff. I recommend Academia for your studies. :) Thank you guys xxx


Thank you so much to everyone at Academia for your help and support throughout my course. Massive thank you to all the girls at reception, teachers and all the team. You guys are awesome. Had a blast the past two years in this school and learnt a lot from everyone. Do recommend it, good content for commercial cookery course. :)




Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2016


I am lsyane from Mauritius and I have started my certificate Ill in Children Services in July 2014. As from that day I have been studying in Academia International, I can say that I have been nurtures and motivated by the school in various ways.
Our mentor, Sonia has been very helpful in making sure that the lessons were well-delivered and she was able to make adjustments amenable to our concerns. The school administrators have also been approachable whenever I needed assistance. After being nominated for academic excellence / progress and awarded with the Philip Koumides scholarship for diploma in children services. It has made me realise that Academia International value their student not only in terms of Academic progress as well as the ability to help others.
I am very pleased with the support that the institution has provided me. Moreover, I really appreciate that this institution got me a job in the childcare industry.
Academia will always have a special place in my heart.


My name is Marta and I'm from Brazil. I am honestly glad I've chosen Academia International to study my Diploma in Commercial Cookery, as it has given me great tools to work in the hospitality industry. The teachers are great and they really care about us international students. They are always patient and friendly and taught me a lot and I even got my first job as a Cook. What else can I ask for? I am proud of this school and how much difference it has made in my life.
Thanks to everyone. You guys are awesome!


Learning at Academia is a great opportunity in my life. Except of being able to live in this amazing city, Melbourne. I also meet a lot of different people with different backgrounds from different cultures and countries, who give a great new input in my life. Teachers and staff are always helpful and make life for us students as easy as possible while teaching us everything we need to know for our next step in this country, whatever that may be.
Thank you for this great chance to learn in a safe and open-minded environment.


Studying at Academia International was a great experience for me. I didn't know what to expect at the beginning but I found course Diploma of Hospitality major in Commercial Cookery exciting and full of valuable and new information. I was lucky to have great teachers who care about their students and were helpful during practical classes as well as during the theory. Staff working in Academia is also very nice, friendly and willing to help you, which support overall positive atmosphere in the school.
I can honestly recommend study at Academia International because studying in such a diverse environment enriched me personally and expanded my horizons.


Being a student in Academia is a life changing experience for me. It has been my long-time dream to become a pastry chef and Academia is not only teaching me to become a good one but also helps hone my skills through giving me an opportunity to work at Park Hyatt hotel.
I'm always passionate about food and love making people happy through the cakes and pastries that I make. There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing friends and family enjoy what I do. If not for Academia it is not possible to extend my passion and craft to people other than family and friends.
Learning is a never ending process and to have a career in the hospitality industry is a long journey, if one wants to be at is best, Academia and the trainers are not only feeding me the knowledge but also gave my career a jumpstart. For that I will always be grateful.


Thank you so much Academia for your generous award to me from the Philip Koumides Scholarship program. This award is helping me to reach my goal of graduating and allow me to concentrate more fully on my studies as I continue. I would like to thank my teacher which helped me so much in my academic and in pursuing my dreams.


Especially if you are an international student, it's always great to have a warm, friendly and supportive study environment. Your trainers here are friendly yet passionate and professional.
They'll always be more than willing to help you with your studies and to share their industry experiences with you.
You'll also get to meet classmates from all over the world with many different points of view.
Learning in Academia is not just about the theory you study from the books in the classroom.

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2015


"Thank u very much guys........i have no words to describe the happiness.....i have met in Academia Australia people that have changed my life in less than a year.....people that i will never forget.....that's the real award"



"Thank you so much to Academia ... it was such a big surprise for me.. I learned a lot so far and still continue learning.. smile emoticon also thanks to all trainers and my lovely classmates ! Big shout out for them ... ^^"



"Thank you so much! I did the best choice when I enrolled in Academia I met warming staff and teachers who helped me in succeeds and believe in myself.. Thanks again from my heart"

Serena ZITO

Philip Koumides SCHOLARSHIP Winners - 2014

Screen and Media 3D Animation