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Real Skill Shortages in Australia

Finding where the Real Skill Shortages are in Australia

Any job placement service firstly requires that there are jobs in the area of study. Ensure you choose carefully if you wish to graduate and work in Australia in your field of study.

Academia delivers courses in REAL skill shortages

Enter one of the following words:Cook, Accountant, Baker, Hairdresser, Beauty Therapist etc. in the Keywords section in seek.com.au and click on the seek button to find jobs available NOW in specific industries

For example Cook or Chef on average has 2,000 to 3,000 job offerings at any point in time across Australia, “Motor Mechanic” has 200-300 or 1/10th jobs as compared to cook or chef at any point in time and “Dental Technician” has 10 to 20 or 1/100th jobs available. See for yourself by clicking below and entering the field of work you wish to study in the Keyword section of seek.com.au