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Application Form for International Students

Admission Process


Please complete the online application form below, using your Mobile device or Computer. Once you have filled in the form, signed and clicked the [Submit] button, you will receive a Congratulations message on your screen confirming that you have sent your application successfully.

Note: All mandatory fields need to be completed before you can submit your application form. You can scroll up to find the highlighted mandatory fields not completed.

If you have problems completing the form, please email the Admissions team at info@academia21.com or call on +61 (3) 9671 4755

Application Form

International Students applying from WITHIN Australia (On-Shore)

Application Form

International Students applying from OUTSIDE of Australia (Off-Shore)



If you have saved your application, you must have automatically received a confirmation email as shows on the below screenshot.

Please follow the link provided on this email to resume your application.

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