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Why Choose Academia?

Academia is a medium-sized education provider specialising in over 25 nationally accredited qualifications in a wide range of areas.

Recognised as a leading quality English and Vocational Education Institution

  1. Top Institute in International Education by winning the Victorian Government’s 2018 “Excellence in International Education – Private Education and Training” award
  2. International Provider of the Year 2013 Australia Winner
  3. Winner International Education Excellence 2013 Victoria
  4. International Provider of the Year 2012 Winner
  5. Industry Initiative of the Year 2012 Top 2
  6. Victorian Training Awards 2009 Top 3
Awards & Recognitions

Work and Study at the Same Time

All of our certificate and diploma courses are delivered 3 days per week, providing students with the option to work and study at the same time. Our Hospitality courses also offer internships to students allowing them to work in 5 star hotels.

Guaranteed Progression Pathways

A number of our qualifications have direct entry from diploma to degree at selected universities upon successful completion of your diploma or advanced diploma. Example pathways include:

  1. English -> 3 Year Degree
  2. English + Diploma -> 2 Year Degree
Academia's Pathways

Specialist Programmes

Being a medium-sized school, you enjoy the facilities and training environment of a large TAFE / University whilst receiving the personalised care of a smaller school. We know the unique requirements of local AND international students and have implemented support services to assist our students with both their academic and everyday needs.

Our Programmes

Academia offers over 35 nationally accredited qualifications

See our list of courses

Student Services

Academia offers a number of services to International students including:

  1. Airport pickup
  2. Home-stay accommodation
  3. Job placement assistance, see also industry partners
  4. Health cover and counselling
  5. Student welfare support
  6. Academic progress counselling
  7. Language, Learning and Numeracy remedial support
  8. Student visa general support, advice and guidance

About the College

Academia is a formally accredited education provider delivering educational programmes to local and international students.

  1. Registered and approved by the Australian Skills Quality Authority as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) 21595
  2. Member of the Australian Council of Private Education and Training (ACPET)
  3. Accredited by the Department of Education
  4. Academia's English Courses are endorsed by NEAS Quality Assurance
  5. Academia is a full Member of English Australia (EA)
  6. Registered to receive International Students CRICOS (CRICOS Number 02634E)
  7. Academia is licensed to deliver Victorian Training Guarantee funding to eligible Australia and New Zealand students.
  8. Local students that are eligible may apply for the Australian Youth Allowance / Return to work assistance / Austudy / Abstudy payment assistance.

With over 50 nationalities in addition to Australian students

Since our inception, Academia International is proud to have had students from the following nationalities study with us over and above our domestic Australian and New Zealand students.

over 50 nationalities in addition to australian students