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Course Fees for International and Local Students

International Students
Australian & New Zealand Students

Fees and charges for international students

students who enrol and pay by the 31st of December 2019, secure 2019 Fees for their entire enrolment even if they start in 2020 and finish in 2022.

Financial Assistance, Fees and Charges for Australian and New Zealand Students

Melbourne Campus - Australian and New Zealand Students

Melbourne Campus – Domestic Students (Australian and NZ Students) FREE* Courses:

  1. Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care
  2. Certificate III in Individual Support
  3. Certificate III in Hairdressing
  4. Certificate III in Patisserie

Note*: FREE courses apply to Australian / NZ and already Australian permanent resident students who are eligible for Skills First Funding. Students do not pay for Tuition fees saving close to $10,000. Students pay only for materials.

Financial Assistance, Fees and Charges - 2020
(Melbourne Campus)

Brisbane Campus - Australian and New Zealand Students

Victorian Skills First

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding.

VET Student Loans

Whether you are eligible for the Victorian Skills First or not, for Australian Citizens studying Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, we also offer VET Student Loans (an income contingent loan made available by the Commonwealth Government of Australia). VET Student Loans is an income-contingent loan meaning that you do not need to pay any tuition fees upfront but pay back your tuition fees in instalments (starting with 4% of outstanding amount per annum) through the Taxation system. Click below for more.

VET Student Loans, more info click here