Why should I study Commercial Cookery?

entering the commercial cookery industry

Have you always dreamed of working in a Michelin star restaurant, creating your own menu, telling your story through food or owning your own restaurant? Then you need to follow that dream and take the first step by studying Commercial Cookery at Academia Institute.

Need convincing?

Lockdown has ended and the world is returning to normal. However, what is normal now?

Over the lockdown period we saw many trends emerge which seemingly everyone across the globe participated in. One of the most popular trends was to experiment in the kitchen and cook new and exciting courses for their loved ones. Who didn’t try to make their own sourdough loaf over lockdown? Or spend multiple hours in the kitchen, making something you love, for someone you love? It seems like we all did. However, for some of us, it was just a phase but for a special few this is how they always feel. Does this sound like you? A passion within you for cooking and creating?

Other trends that emerged included the simple realisation that putting their own happiness over monetary gain was of more value in their lives. The shock of being stuck in a situation as impactful as the coronavirus period made us all have some strong realisations what was important in our future.

So, if you are someone who has always had a passion for cooking or

Someone with a creative flare who takes pride in whatever they put their time, effort and creativity into or

Someone who wants to work in an industry which supports their lifelong dream in the culinary arts or even

Someone who wants to do what they love plus profit from it

Then Commercial Cookery is the industry you want to be in!

How will Academia Institute help me achieve my Culinary dream?

If you want to become a professional chef you must take the first step and study Commercial cookery.

Academia’s school of Hospitality delivers fully approved and accredited commercial cookery courses in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

Whatever your goal, our commercial cookery school prepares students like you to work at Prep Cook and Demi Chef de Partie levels, where you’ll learn a range of skills for the hospitality and commercial cookery industries.

Our commercial cookery courses in Melbourne and Brisbane will help you:

  1. Learn advanced and technical cooking skills
  2. Establish staff supervision and management skills
  3. Develop a greater knowledge of finance

Whether you want to take your hospitality career to the next level, are retraining or simply break into the industry for the first time, a commercial cookery course might be just what you need to get the ball rolling.

In addition to practical workshops, as part of the commercial cookery training that Academia provides, all of our hospitality students undertake up to 3-month internships at one of Melbourne’s and Brisbane’s finest hotels, including:

  1. Grand Hyatt Melbourne
  2. The Langham Hotel
  3. The Westin Melbourne
  4. Park Hyatt Melbourne
  5. The RACV Club Melbourne
  6. The Sheraton Melbourne
  7. Blackfire restaurant Brisbane
  8. Four Points Hotel by Sheraton
  9. Westin Hotel Brisbane
  10. Sofitel Gold Coast broadbeach
  11. Sofitel Hotel Brisbane
  12. W Hotel Brisbane
  13. OTTO Restaurant Brisbane
  14. Hilton Brisbane

Academia offers certificate III up until advanced diploma in the culinary arts. Click here to learn more about commercial cookery.

Let us help you!

Choosing to follow your dream and to become a professional chef is both invigorating but also daunting. It’s always fun to dream but when the reality sets in on whether you want to chase that dream and that’s when the anxiety sets in..

Your mind may be full of racing thoughts, both negative and positive such as:

“Wow! imagine having my own restaurant one day and serving meals created by me, from my own life experience!”

“I want to go to work every day feeling proud of myself and see the enjoyment and fulfilment of others as they indulge in my own personal creations!”

These feelings are invigorating, they warm your heart and make you feel invincible!

However, then the negative what if thoughts try to overcome these feelings of vigour, like;

“What if I’m not good enough, what if it’s just a dream, should I even take this risk, what if I fail?”

At Academia Institute we understand all the trials and tribulations you will encounter on your road to your dreams. As an Institute we pride ourselves in helping people take the first step towards pursuing their dream job, helping you realise your potential, and getting you certified to achieve greatness in your field of choice.

Since you’ve already read this much, we believe you must at least be picking up most of what we’re putting down. So, we are asking you to:

  1. Stop stressing and start doing!


  • Let us help you achieve your greatness!

Start your journey to greatness with Academia

In our 18th year of operation, our multi award-winning Institute is one of Australia’s top-performing learning institutes.

We are one of Australia’s most trusted and well known medium sized tertiary educational bodies. We pride ourselves on the joy of having helped tens of thousands of students discover, qualify, and achieve their dreams during this time.

In order to prepare for your future, you must take the first step and choose the right Certificate or Diploma which will lead to your end goal.

Choose Academia Institute:

  • We are a medium-sized institution.
    • Meaning we have great resources and high-quality instructors. Plus, our size means we can still offer levels of one-on-one attention and support, which wouldn’t be possible with a larger student body.
  • We have a large range of student resources.
    • For international students we will help you settle here in Australia, assist with your student visa and help you with your transition into Australian education.
    • We have our own Learning Management System (LMS) system which allows you to access coursework & student resources, talk to other students & communicate with your instructors from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • We have a focus on hands on learning.
    • We know through our years in the education industry that people learn better by doing, not observing. Our courses emphasise this by integrating practical as well as theoretical learning.
  • We offer work placements at highly recognised workplaces.
    • This will not only prepare you for work but put you ahead of your competition with industry recognised work experience.

We have also been celebrated in the industry over the past years, for our unique educational methods and how they have helped so many achieve their dreams.

Our most recent awards include but are not limited to…

  • The Victorian Governments Excellence award in International Education 2018
  • Winner of the International provider of the year 2012-2013
Academia meets one of the highest standards of education across the globe

Academia meets one of the highest standards of education across the globe. The Australian standard of education is un-rivalled across the world. Meaning if you have a certificate, diploma or degree from a qualified educational institution, like Academia, you will be able to apply for a job all over the globe!

Academia partners with the below to ensure the highest level of education is taught in each one of our classrooms.

academia accreditations

Where can I study and how do I sign up?

With two campuses located in the heart of Melbourne and Brisbane CBD,

Local and international students enjoy hands-on learning in a supportive and skill enriching environment that helps prepare them for a rewarding career!

The application process varies for International and Domestic students.

To fill out your application form and begin your educational journey with Academia Institute. Click Here

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to call our student admissions team, who can answer all your questions around your course, course fees and other questions you may have regarding your application.


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