3 exciting digital trends emerging in the hospitality industry

hospitality trends

What’s in store for the hospitality industry in 2022?

The hospitality industry continues to evolve and adapt to various changes, namely, of course, the global pandemic that has affected all kinds of businesses, from local canteens to five-star hotel establishments.

Hotel, restaurant, and entertainment venue trends are continually changing, and even more so following COVID, keeping up with our ever-evolving climate.

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What are the current trends in the tourism and hospitality industry?

Australian culture cannot survive without hospitality. 

The hospitality industry opens up a world of opportunities for both staff and patrons.

Perhaps you’re in the process of discovering what career pathways in the hospitality industry are right for you. 

And understanding where the current trends are and what is being projected in the coming years is important for aspiring hospitality workers.

Uncover the opportunities that may await you when you finish studying and strive for both short- and long-term goals.

You need to constantly be updated as part of the industry and embrace such changes so you can be more efficient in the business and leverage your customer service.

So here are some exciting hospitality trends to expect in the present and near future.

Trend #1: Virtual reality tours

Do you want to allow your potential customers to see and experience a destination or service without actually physically being there?

You can digitally transport them with virtual reality!

Virtual reality (VR) tours are expected to be one of the most exciting innovations in hospitality technology.

It gives a sneak peek to tourists and customers as to what to expect at your venue from the comfort of their own homes!

This is a fantastic and innovative way to attract more interest and convert more bookings.

Trend #2: QR codes

Has anything made a comeback like the QR code?

Contactless documentation through QR codes has been one of the most popular methods of accessing digital menus, processing payments, and checking in to venues. 

Mobile check-in services are now available for customers to download and directly contact the establishment to make self-service selections.

Such popularity paved the way for tourism and restaurants worldwide to take advantage of this technology.

QR codes or “quick response” codes have been useful to many industries, especially hospitality, as they encourage clients to use their mobile phone’s QR scanner to automatically access a business’s services.

Some of the benefits that QR codes have in the hospitality industry are:

  • Instant access to digital menus
  • Simple ordering and payment 
  • Reduced contact between staff and customers
  • Automatically saved and logged data (e.g. checking in)

You should expect QR codes to continue to be used in the hospitality industry well after the pandemic thanks to their convenience and modern, digital nature.

Trend #3: Digital voice assistants

Digital voice assistant technology started to gain popularity before the start of the pandemic. 

Digital voice assistants can allow hotel guests to carry out a range of tasks with verbal commands, such as:

  • Connecting and operating a smart TV
  • Using air conditioning and heating
  • Controlling lighting

This technology is sure to impress!

It minimises the need for touch because everything can be done with a simple command, thus making it hassle-free for hotel guests, especially for those with physical limits and disabilities.

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