What qualities can benefit an aged care worker?

quality aged care

Imagine yourself or a loved one being cared for in an aged-care facility with access to outdoors, excellent clinical care, friendly staff, and healthy, nutritious meals.

Quality aged care is critical for those who are being cared for during their golden years.

And at the heart of aged care are the people within, caring for your loved ones with genuine passion and patience. 

The positive impact an aged care worker has on each and every resident cannot be underestimated, making aged care more than just a rewarding career, but a rewarding experience that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

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What are the qualities of an aged care worker?

Older people go through tremendous changes in their overall health and behaviour.

It can also be quite stressful and frustrating for the elderly once they start to lose their independence, and have to get used to a new or modified lifestyle where they rely on others.

Therefore, aged care workers need the right training and qualities to support and take care of the elderly.

1. Resilience

Working in an aged care facility is as challenging as it is rewarding.

You may need to extend specialised care and support to meet personal needs, both physically and emotionally. As such, you’re so much more than a carer. You’re a confidant and a friend, too, dealing with highly emotional and personal matters.

Therefore, your passion and resilience to provide personal care and assistance to the elderly will help you to thrive and operate as a truly exceptional carer.

2. Patience

Working with the elderly requires a great deal of patience, as older people may have trouble with slowed speech, travel, or cognitive processes.

Such residents rely on the patience of an aged care worker who can provide assistance to the elderly, no matter how challenging or frustrating it might seem, and no matter how long it takes.

A patient carer can handle every difficult situation calmly without showing agitation. Being patient is a critical quality that supports aged workers and helps them demonstrate genuine care and comfort.

3. Flexibility

In the unpredictable environment of aged care, you need to become flexible with attending to the needs of patients at every time of day. 

As we’ve said before, no two days will ever be the same when working in aged care.

The environment and the people within it can be unpredictable, but with nimble skills, you will be able to adapt to changing requirements and ensure each resident in your care has the attention and assistance they need.

4. Experience and qualifications

Providing care and support to the elderly is so much more than performing simple, mundane tasks such as feeding or daily housekeeping.

The roles and responsibilities within aged care are incredibly varied, from simple care tasks through to complicated processes and requirements.

As such, it is critical you receive the training and formal education required to confidently enter the aged care sector. We invite you to explore Academia’s aged care courses in Melbourne now to discover how you can become a qualified aged care worker.

How do you ensure quality of care?

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Certificate III in Individual Support

Learn how to provide care to the elderly, as well as individualised support and the application of safety practices with the Certificate III.

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Certificate IV in Ageing Support

If you want to aim for a leadership position or to work independently, you can continue your studies into the Certificate IV in Aged Care. This course will equip you to:

  • Apply safe work practices
  • Empower people with disabilities
  • Support the elderly with dementia
  • Provide care through a palliative approach

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