The importance of English in the workforce

english in the workforce

Are you looking for a one-way ticket to success in your career or current business? 

We can give you one that takes you all over the world: It’s time to make English your priority!

As spoken by 1.75 billion people all across the world, English is a universal language used on the internet, in educational institutions, and importantly, in the business world.

There is no doubt that English gives you a competitive edge professionally when applying for jobs and attending interviews, but it can also help you to work in executive roles as well as overseas.

Government-funded courses

The Skills First initiative is a Victorian government scheme where eligible applicants can receive free or heavily subsidised learning at an approved institution such as Academia.

Explore our Government-funded courses, including English as an Additional Language (EAL), and find out if you are eligible.

Why is the English language important for business?

The English language has been an essential component in bridging the distance and culture of people worldwide.

Learning and applying effective English is a strong factor for those who want to prepare for a strong and rewarding career.

But how exactly can English help you in the global world of business? 

1. You can communicate better with others

Various workplace settings may require working in a team and even with people overseas.

English is essential to better communicate with colleagues, workmates, partners, vendors, and clients.

Practising your interpersonal skills using English can help you build rapport with certain clients and in certain scenarios.

Advanced knowledge of English puts you in a position of effective communication as you know the right way to convey a message, negotiate with partners, or otherwise grow your business.

2. Use English to deliver reports and presentations

Working and doing business with other people may require you to deliver reports, presentations, and pitches.

English serves as a universal language that helps others understand your output, especially when you have to present ideas and reports for your work to your valued clients.

3. Preferred language of international business

Businesses all over the world have adopted English as their official language – even those that are based in non-English speaking countries.

How can I speak English more professionally?

As far as your career and business are concerned, English is the basic language that you will use to communicate with your colleagues and with various people around the world. 

So what advice is best for learning English? And how can you speak English more proficiently at the workplace?

Practice, practice, and more practice

They always say that practice makes perfect. And while we might not be striving for perfection, we can certainly attest to the importance of immersing yourself in the language in order to vastly improve your understanding!

In language, familiarisation doesn’t just happen when you learn, but when you continuously practise it every day, making it a part of your daily routine.

Learning English is best done when you keep speaking the language – wherever you are.

You can use English in any workplace setting, such as chat rooms, meetings, workshops, and even your daily interaction with your colleagues.

Read newspapers and listen to the news in English

Outside of the office, you can watch English-language movies and television shows, read English newspapers and websites, and speak to friends, where possible, in English.

Reading aloud can help you familiarise yourself with words and phrases which can improve your pronunciation and comprehension skills.

Enrol in an English course

Finally, if you are looking for an English-learning environment where speaking and applying English is highly encouraged, consider taking an English course in an accredited tertiary institution.

Academia offers NEAS-approved English courses at our Melbourne campus. 

Plus, if you meet the eligibility requirements needed to enrol in Government-funded courses in Victoria, then you may be able to study for free!

Enrol in Academia’s English courses in Melbourne

Academia offers Government-funded courses online to eligible domestic students who want to enrol in various online courses, including English as an Additional Language (EAL).

Plan your future career with our range of different English courses that will enhance your fluency and comprehension.

Including EAL, Academia offers four English courses to suit a range of goals. 

General English (GE)

Improve your speaking, writing, and listening skills when you enrol in this course.

A General English Course Melbourne helps you to confidently and fluently use English in your daily conversations. 

You will be assessed and placed in an appropriate class in one of six levels, from Beginner to Advanced.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Learn how to study in English when you enrol in English for Academic Purposes (EAP).

This course helps you achieve your dream of studying in Australia so you can pursue studies in an Australian university.

English for IELTS Preparation

Learn techniques to help you attain the high score required to work, migrate, and study in Australia.

This course is dedicated solely to helping you raise your IELTS score. 

Learn more about our English for IELTS course Melbourne

English as an Additional Language (EAL)

Enrol in English as an additional language (EAL) if you want to improve your daily interactions in the community as well as skills required to find successful employment in Australia.

Enrol in Academia’s English courses in Melbourne today!

Be a fluent English speaker at the workplace when you enrol in our English courses in Melbourne!
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