How to sell yourself as a freelance makeup artist

freelance makeup artist

Wanting to become a freelance makeup artist but are worried about how and where you’re going to find the right clients?

If you’re someone who feels like you have no networks or are concerned you won’t find enough customers to sustain your business, please know that you can find them all over the web – thank God for the Internet, right?

With the right guidance and knowledge of marketing strategies, you can create the freelance business of your dreams.

But it doesn’t stop there – you also need to have the right qualifications – get started with Academia and explore our beauty therapy courses.

Today, Academia walks you through the fundamental marketing tactics you’ll need to know once you finish a beauty course and start your career!

Why become a makeup artist?

Freelance beauty is becoming a common career choice for both women and men of all ages.

This is because there is an increasingly wide range of products and services that makeup artists can offer.

Additionally, a freelancer often has more flexibility to deliver services on-site at their clients’ own houses or venues

The beauty industry has become more popular with boys and men, too. Just look at the biggest makeup influencers today: two of the top four makeup Youtubers are men – James Charles and Jeffree Star!

With this expanding, opportunistic market, comes a rush of customers wanting to look their absolutely best at all kinds of events, including:

  • School formals
  • Graduations
  • Birthday parties
  • Hens parties, baby showers, and kitchen teas
  • Weddings

If successful, later down the track you may find yourself working at televised events, award ceremonies, and for film and TV.

How do makeup artists get customers?

The three key things you need to do to become a successful self-employed makeup artist are:

  • Become a qualified makeup and gain the right training with a beauty school in Melbourne
  • Work on a unique, genuine, and effective marketing strategy to attract customers
  • Create methods that help you book repeat customers and encourage referrals to grow your network

Online marketing and freelancing go hand in hand when it comes to finding customers, especially when your most common demographic is younger women.

We break down the main tools you should use to market online.

Start a social media account

Some celebrities who boast millions of followers online started out as makeup artists for other celebrities, such as Nikkie de Jager and Bretman Rock

How did they get so famous for their makeup artistry? From social media – particularly Instagram and Youtube.

If you want to become a successful freelance makeup artist, especially if you’re starting in the 2020s, you need to set up an Instagram account at the very least.

When people hear of you from word of mouth or through other advertising, they will immediately search for you on Instagram to see what work you do.

Previous clients may rave about you to their friends, but the proof’s in the pudding, so to speak: these people are going to check you out online, so ensure you make it a habit to curate beautiful photos of your gorgeous customers and grow your portfolio with every single job you undertake.

If you need help getting started on Instagram with initial posts, you can offer free or discounted services to people you know, or upload photos of previous work you’ve done on yourself and friends.

Know how to analyse statistics

So you’ve set up an account and have started posting, what’s next? 

Make sure you change your Instagram account to a “Professional Account” and not a “Personal Account”. The difference? A professional account unlocks a range of insights to help you understand how your page is performing.

  • Who has seen your photos/videos
  • The demographics of who’s liked your posts
  • How your follower growth is tracking
  • The location of people that have viewed your profile
  • The time of day people view your profile

You should be checking this data consistently and altering your posting habits around them.

For example, if most of your viewers are very local, be sure to specify the locations you work and the fact that you can travel to your clients. You could even offer discounts or specials for those in closer proximity or shorter travel time. 

Or if you find that you’re getting more likes on your videos than photos, then just post videos exclusively.

Sell yourself!

You’re a talented individual creating incredible artistry – so show it off!

Let people get to know you – we are drawn to people, so ensure your audience knows who you are, the training or education you have completed, and the passion and skill you have for the art of makeup.

Additionally, share your expertise, insight, and knowledge. People are drawn to those with knowledge, helping to make sense of topics they might not be too familiar with.

You might provide that “a-ha!” moment to a follower when you share tips on how to get that perfect winged eyeliner!

Use other online avenues

To legitimise your business, you should take advantage of other online ways to market such as:

  • Creating your own website
  • Registering your business through Google My Business
  • Working with a marketing consultant
  • Ensuring consistent branding 

Is it illegal to be a freelance makeup artist?

It’s not illegal to do freelance beauty if you have set up your business by the book, including:

  • Setting up an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • Creating a business name
  • Registering for GST if you make more than $75K a year

How do I become a successful freelance makeup artist?

Academia offers a variety of Government-funded courses

Before starting your makeup business, you need to be properly qualified. This gives you the skill and knowledge needed to succeed, and also strengthens your credibility with your potential clients.

Academia offers the Cert 4 in Beauty Therapy, which helps you become a qualified makeup artist. It also provides training for a range of additional beauty treatments, such as:

  • Lash and brow treatments
  • Nail technology
  • Massage
  • Waxing

If you hope to expand your freelancing business and wish to manage a salon or employ other beauticians, you may consider the Diploma of Beauty Therapy in Melbourne. This course also delivers training in:

  • Facial treatments
  • Body massages and  body treatments
  • Hair removal
  • Spa treatments

It also focuses on a variety of management skills such as applying safe work practices, conducting financial transactions, and communicating as part of a team.

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