4 benefits of learning English as an additional language

benefits of English as an additional language

Are you living in Australia and looking to advance your English skills?

Whether you’re a student, a foreign worker, or a travel junkie, you know without a doubt the great advantage of speaking English can have a massive impact on your experience overseas.

It may take time and effort for you to be confident in communicating with others using English as an additional language.

Yet, there are considerable rewards that you will reap if you start learning today!

Whether your goal is to be competent in an English-speaking workplace or at an educational institution, being fluent in English is a universally beneficial quality.

Let’s find out why!

Government funding for English as an Additional Language course

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The Skills First funding is available to those who meet certain eligibility criteria.

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What are the advantages of learning English?

English is the most spoken language in the world. Because of this, it is often the preferred language on tour buses, in hotels, and at airports around the world.

We list some of the other advantages of learning English to help you to understand how advantageous it really is, particularly from an education and employment point of view.

1. Learn a universal language

If you live in Australia or are planning to migrate here, English proficiency is needed to communicate with others. 

If you want to express yourself as clearly as possible, you need to be competent and confident in using the language.

Both verbal and written English bridges the gap for any cultural diversity, even if neither of the parties speak English as a first language.

2. Explore better work opportunities

Do you want to make a good impression during job interviews? Then take advantage of learning English! 

Knowing how to use English gives you a competitive edge in the market and means you can interact with your colleagues in both oral and written communication. 

Speaking English helps you intelligently converse with the interviewer or manager giving you better points of acing that job interview.

And whether you are a student or a young professional, learning English helps you be heard and gives you a platform to make an impact in your workplace. 

3. Master the language of business

English is widely regarded as the global language of business.

When you have a confident grasp of the language, you can send emails, create reports, and give a presentation in English. This gives you a competitive advantage in the job market.

You can easily communicate with others both locally and internationally when you are a better English speaker.

Learn more in our blog post.

4. Enjoy better travel experiences

If you’re a travel junkie who wants to make the most of your travel experience, it’s best to learn at least some words and phrases commonly used during travels.

This helps you to communicate with hotel employees and local sellers. It is also best to speak in English when asking for directions and making travel arrangements for your trip. 

A good understanding of English means you can communicate with people from multiple cultures and backgrounds. 

This also means you can better understand the particular culture’s corresponding habits and values through verbal communication.

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English as an Additional Language (EAL)

The English as an Additional Language course (EAL) comes in streams II and III for different levels of English speakers who are already living in Australia.

This short, flexible course helps you to have conversations and communicate confidently with others in English.

Academia also offers the following English courses for international students:

General English (GE)

Our General English (GE) course helps you to learn the basics of communicating in English in your day-to-day interactions.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

Pursuing a higher level of education at an Australian University? Explore our English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course.

English for IELTS preparation

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) may be essential if you wish to migrate, work, and study in Australia.

Academia’s English for the IELTS preparation course helps you prepare for this test.

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