What are the benefits of studying childcare online?

study childcare online

Online study is a practical, time-saving way of ensuring you have as much time as possible to learn, study, and do the things you love.

Online study has become so popular, that now, if you want to study a childcare course, one of the first things you’ll find out is whether a portion of your studies can be completed online.

Previously, in-class learning was the standard way to go without taking a second thought, but now, tertiary education is more accessible than ever thanks to online learning.

Are you eligible for Skills First Funding?

Studying at Academia also means you may be able to take advantage of Skills First Funding, a Victorian government scheme that partially or fully funds your course fees if you meet certain eligibility criteria.

Not only can this mean a free course, but Skills First Funding exists to fund courses that are in demand, just like childcare! Find out more about Skills First Funding here.

What are the advantages of studying online?

Studying online provides you with flexibility and gives you time to work your course schedule in with any other aspects of your life.

Studying online provides you with the following benefits:

  • You can reduce time required travelling to your campus to participate in class
  • You can study from anywhere like your bedroom, the local cafe, or even the park on a sunny afternoon

With Academia, our online study replicates the in-class experience as much as possible, which means you will not lose any of the connection, support, and communication from your peers and your instructor.

Instead of sending a link with a pre-recorded lecture that you need to watch in your own time, you’ll actually join your classmates in real-time, as if you were there in person!

This ensures that learning remains collaborative, engaging, and motivating; we don’t leave you to navigate through the course on your own.

This is a very important distinction we here at Academia are very proud to offer. We want to reassure you that when you choose to study a portion of your course online, you’re no less a part of the class as those who attend in person.

We understand that the global pandemic has impacted the way we deliver learning, and know you are looking for flexible options when it comes to completing your course.

What is the best course to study online?

The reality is that in most cases, it’s simply impossible to study the entirety of a course online.

That is because many of our courses – including our childcare courses in Melbourne and Brisbane- contain a practical element. In this case, this includes your childcare placement.

In other cases, such as commercial cookery, this emcompasses both on-site training in our campus kitchens, as well as your placement in a hotel or restaurant.

So to answer the question of what is the best course to study online, the simple answer is any, but the detailed answer ensures you understand that we deliver what we like to call blended learning.

If you’re interested in studying childcare, understand that you do have the option to participate in blended learning, where a portion of your course can be done online, in real-time, in our virtual classrooms.

Do jobs take online degrees seriously?

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular each year, and has skyrocketed in the past two because of COVID.

It’s also gained traction in the past decade because of NBN creating fast, more reliable internet connection, and also – more and more people globally have access to the internet in general.

It’s expected that there will be a revenue growth of 8.2% this year in online courses in Australia.

Therefore, workplaces take online courses seriously, or they risk not keeping up with the current climate of graduate students.

Online childcare courses in Melbourne and Brisbane are no exception: and childcare facilities accept new employees who studied partially online.

After all, universities now have to accept high school students who studied online, so it doesn’t make sense for workplaces to then be biased towards people who studied at university in-person, as they’ll eventually be looking at a pool of applicants who all studied their VCE or HSE online.

What are recognised childcare qualifications?

There are two major courses that you can study to become an early childhood educator or childcare worker: they are the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care and the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

The Certificate 3 in Early Childhood Education and Care in Melbourne provides you with knowledge on the foundations of a child’s growth.

Learn the basics of early childhood care for babies and preschool aged children so you can provide a healthy and safe environment for them to thrive in.

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care will help you gain expertise and knowledge in:

  • Understanding how to develop positive, meaningful relationships with children
  • Supporting the behaviour of children and young people
  • Ensuring the health and safety of all children
  • Helping children develop their fine and gross motor skills
  • Guide children through emotional growth and learning

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

The Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care provides you with the skills to become a manager, coordinator, director, or leader of a childcare centre, family day care facility, or kindergarten.

These skills include:

  • Learning frameworks to guide practice 
  • Learning how to design and implement curriculum for children’s learning and development
  • Learning how to reflect and improve your colleagues’ professional practices

Can I study childcare online?

Academia offers blended online learning to help maximise convenience when you study our childcare courses

Whether your circumstances make it challenging to attend campus regularly or you simply want the flexible option of being able to attend class online from time-to-time, we understand the convenience of online learning.

Enquire now about Academia’s Early Childhood Education and Care courses, we have campuses in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

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