What employment opportunities await following a childcare course?

employment opportunities after fnishing childcare courses

So you’re thinking about studying Early Childhood Education and Care but you’re unsure about job prospects.

There are a number of possible roles you can apply for once you’ve completed a Certificate III or Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

The roles that will be relevant to you depend on the childcare course you study and your personal career goals you want to strive for.

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What is the job outlook for an early childhood educator?

Not only is there currently a high demand for childcare workers, but it’s estimated to grow by 7% through to 2026.

When studying a childcare course in Melbourne, you can learn how to build relationships with children by undertaking placement in the sector of the industry you feel called to.

The following are some of the roles that could be available to you depending on your career goals:

  • Daycare worker
  • Kindergarten educator
  • Creche worker
  • Teacher’s aid
  • Nanny or Au Pair
  • Educational support staff
  • Team leader or manager
  • Director or owner
  • After school care worker

What are the benefits of studying an Early Childhood Education and Care course?

When you study a childhood course you get the flexibility of not only choosing a sector to work in, but the hours and days of the week you wish to work.

If you want to run a home daycare centre for example, you can work on the days you will be home, and either not run it on the days you’re busy, or hire other staff to work on your days off.

You can also work part time across multiple sectors at the same time, for example, running a daycare at a gym during weekends and working at a kindergarten on weekdays.

The best benefit to being a childcare worker is being able to play a critical role in a child’s development in their most influential years.

Kids grow up so fast, and you can have a major influence and impact on how they grow and learn through your different approaches to teaching and caring.

What courses are available to study childhood education?

To find work at a kindergarten or daycare/creche, you need to firstly find which course and which educational facility is right for you.

Academia offers a Certificate III and a Diploma in Childhood Education and Care.

The benefits of studying at Academia over other institutions includes:

  • The option to complete a portion of the course online
  • Connections with placement industries so you don’t have to apply to them yourself
  • Be trained and taught by experienced professionals who have worked in the industry
  • Having campuses in both Brisbane and Melbourne

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

When you study the Certificate 3 Early Childhood Education and Care, you learn the foundations of a child’s growth.

Learn the basics of early childhood care for babies and preschool aged children so you can provide a healthy and safe environment for them to thrive in.

The Certificate III in Early Childhood will help you gain expertise and knowledge in:

  • Understanding how to develop positive, meaningful relationships with children
  • Supporting the behaviour of children and young people
  • Ensuring the health and safety of children
  • Helping children develop their mind and creativity

What jobs can I get with a Certificate III in childcare?

The jobs opportunities from the Certificate III include:

  • Childcare educator
  • Family day care educator
  • Nanny
  • Educational support staff
  • Teacher’s aide

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education in Melbourne is an extension of the Certificate III, meaning you learn and enroll in the Certificate III and then can choose to continue on for another year and learn the skills to become a manager, coordinator, director, or leader of a daycare or kindergarten.

These skills include:

  • Learning frameworks to guide practice 
  • How to design and implement a curriculum for children’s learning and development
  • How to reflect and improve your colleagues’ professional practices

Where can I study early childhood education and care? 

Academia offers online childcare courses as well as physical in-class settings for our two childcare courses.

Our Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) offers you practical learning, hands-on placement, and online course work.

You can choose to extend your coursework with our Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113) if you’d like to strive for a more managerial position in your future.

If you are an Australian or New Zealand resident, you may be eligible for Skills First funding which means you can study a TAFE-equivalent course for FREE!
This is because there is a demand for childcare workers, which not only means a free course but it also means you’re highly likely to find work afterwards!

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