Online vs. classroom-based childcare courses

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At Academia, we say that learning never stops, no matter where you are, even when you’re at home!

Now that free online childcare courses are available, you will never have to miss a class, as you can login online and participate in class as if you were there in person.

Online childcare courses give you great opportunities to pursue a career, while you study and learn in your own home.

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Maximise learning through Academia’s online learning system that prepares you to work in a childcare centre.

Our childcare courses are part of Skills First Funding, which can provide you access to government subsidised training. That means, if eligible, you could study childcare in Victoria for FREE!

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What is the difference between online learning and traditional learning?

You may be so used to learning traditionally that you’re hesitant to try learning online.

But before you completely reject the idea, you might want to consider the benefits of online learning, especially for Academia’s childcare courses!

1. Convenience

Online learning makes studying easy.

Maximise convenience by finding a place you focus best in, and at the same time, enjoy more time for rest, leisure, and other personal activities.

So regardless of where you are, as long as you have an internet connection, you can study our childcare course in Melbourne online!

Is online learning more effective than traditional learning?

Whether you choose to learn online or in a physical setting, there will always be an avenue for growth and learning. 

However, if truth be told, online learning does raise questions about effectiveness and focus.

There are two ways to look at online learning: self-paced learning and real-time learning. Here at Academia, we’re fans of the latter.

You see, in many cases, (particularly for entry-level courses and for students who are studying at a tertiary level for the first time), it can be hard to stay focused and motivated when you are, so to speak, left to your own devices.

That’s why for most of our courses, our online learning capacity mimics real-life classroom interaction as much as possible.

That means you attend class when your classmates do, and while you might not be there physically, you are, digitally!

Our online childcare courses offer an alternative platform to learn, through video workshops and chat rooms that make online learning more effective and interactive than ever.

2. Flexible learning

With online learning, you can watch interactive videos, recorded class lectures, and access online material. 

Not only will you maximise flexibility, but you can save time and money in commuting. 

You don’t have to worry if you cannot attend a physical class, as everything you need to access is online – all you need is an internet connection and a comfortable spot in your home, and you can log on to classes, join your fellow students and participate as if you were there.

3. Get support throughout the course

Like traditional training, students who choose to study childcare online will be provided with the exact level of support those attending in person would expect to receive.

Since online students need fast and accessible course content, help is always available for every student to complete their childcare course online successfully.

Online learning provides an encouraging learning environment for students that upholds the quality of online education at its best. 

Peer support and academic support are always available as dedicated instructors, tutors, and course directors guide and support you from start to finish.

Which is better: online classes or traditional classes?

Depending on what your needs are, online and traditional classes function to offer you quality childcare knowledge and expertise in different ways.

If you live remotely, for example, you can still enjoy the benefits of quality education from Academia via our online learning portal. That means you login at the same time your classmates arrive to class, and participate as if you were there.

However, some people prefer going into campus and interacting with classmates and tutors face-to-face. It’s subjective, and at the end of the day, it’s really up to you! 

When comparing online and traditional childcare classes, here are some things you should consider:

  • The learning tools, methods, and facilities of teaching
  • Travel time and mode of transport
  • Social interaction limits
  • Convenience and flexibility
  • If the course includes placement, as this can’t be done online

Jumpstart your career and enrol in one of our online childcare courses at Academia!

If you want to work in the growing childcare sector, then let Academia’s online childcare courses help you become the best childcare educator that you can be.

There are so many career opportunities to pursue after studying childcare.

Academia provides you with accredited childcare training from our certified trainers, each who boasts more than a decade of experience in childcare.

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113)

Discover everything you need to know about children’s holistic development by enrolling in the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113) teaches you the basics of early childhood care. Learn how you can provide a healthy environment for children to thrive in.

This course includes 150 hours of placement in one of our partnered childcare facilities.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)

Strive for a leadership or managerial position – or run your own family day care centre – with the Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care.

This course includes 240 hours of work placement. 

Find out more about the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

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