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You know that enrolling in an aged care course is right for you.

You feel that aged care is something you can see yourself doing as a career. You’ve made it your mission to provide care and assistance to the elderly, helping them maintain their mobility and positive standard of living.

However, before you do that, it’s important that you understand what your chosen pathway entails.

The first step (after deciding that yes, you do want to work in aged care!) is to get certified – luckily, that’s something you can do for free in Victoria thanks to our range of free aged care courses!

Are you eligible for a government funded aged care course?

One of the benefits of studying aged care in Victoria is that thanks to the Victorian government’s Skills First initiative, a large number of in-demand courses are either partially or completely subsidised, allowing you to study for free.

And aged care is one of them, owing to how much demand for these types of services is likely to grow in the coming years.

Are you…

  • An Australian citizen or permanent resident, or a New Zealand citizen?
  • Living in Victoria?
  • Under 20 years of age (or making a career change?)
  • Thinking of enrolling in a course higher than your current highest qualification?

If so, you might be eligible for our government subsidised online courses, where you can  enrol in any of our aged care courses for free!

Are you eligible for this funding scheme? Click here to find out if you’re eligible for Skills First funding!

Is aged care a good career?

This is the first thing you should ask yourself before you set off on your journey to become an aged care worker – since you’re here however, we’re assuming that the answer is a resounding “yes!”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: there’s increasing demand for aged care thanks to Australia’s ageing population.

A longer lifespan means more old people – and that means more jobs springing up to support them – simple as that.

Making the decision to commence an aged care course in Melbourne is the right one for you – all you need is the willingness and drive to see it through!

High demand for job security and placement

With so many people worrying about job security, aged care offers a number of positions for individuals who complete the necessary training.

What’s more, thanks to the way Australia’s population is trending, you can expect these positions to be quite stable and secure for a long time!

Thanks to growing demand for aged care services, there will be plenty of opportunities for you once you complete your aged care course. You’ll be able to open the door to various career choices such as:

  • Personal care assistant
  • Aged care manager
  • Respite aged care
  • Aged care worker
  • Specialist aged care

Make a difference in the life of the elderly

It isn’t just the job opportunities – start studying aged care, and you’ll also be able to make a real difference in people’s lives!

Aged care workers provide personal care and assistance to the elderly, ensuring that they are well taken care of and also helping them maintain an active lifestyle and positive outlook.

It’s much more than just being a caretaker – it’s also something that can be incredibly rewarding as well!

From the social element, to the satisfaction that comes with knowing that you’re making a difference to somebody, aged care offers a satisfying career, no matter what position you eventually end up in.

Find a work that suits your skill level and personality

Aged care is more than just assisting the elderly whenever they want to move out of their beds or make necessary movements.

It also includes a number of specialisations that you can find employment in (assuming you have the right training and qualifications, that is).

The aged care industry has various opportunities waiting for those who have different skills and personalities that can include:

  • Managerial, support, and administration work
  • Specialist fields like dementia care
  • Providing in-house care

In addition to your specialisation, you’ll also be able to choose what kind of setting you work in – care homes aren’t the only option open to you!

How do I become an aged care worker?

Step #1: Enroll in an aged care course

The right aged care training services in Melbourne will prepare you for a long and fruitful career in the industry and a lifetime of rewarding experiences.

Just a couple of questions:

  • Which course should you enrol in?
  • How long will it take before you can enter the industry and start working?
  • What’s the difference between the Certificate III and the Certificate IV?

Fortunately, we’re here to answer these questions for you…

Choosing your qualification: Certificate III in Individual Support vs. Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Both of these courses teach you how to provide individualised support to the elderly and apply safety practices for their health and well-being.

The difference is a matter of depth – while the Certificate III focuses on building fundamental skills, the Certificate IV in Aged Care goes into further depth, looking at things such as:

  • Additional administrative training
  • More specialised care such as dementia and palliative care
  • Further legal and ethical compliance

No matter which of these courses you choose, you’ll undergo the exact same focus on practical training, with mandatory work placements at the end of both of these courses, as well as a strong focus on practical, workshop-based learning.

How long is an aged care course?

How long aged care courses last will depend on which course you enrol in – as a general rule however:

  • Certificate III in Individual Support – 30 weeks
  • Certificate IV in Ageing Support – 60 Weeks

Both of these figures include tuition and course breaks, as well as mandatory work placements (150 and 400 hours respectively).

This also assumes a full-time study load – something that not all students will be able to accommodate. Luckily, Academia offers a range of options, including a mix of online classes to increase flexibility, as well as part-time study options.

Gain work experience or training

As with any profession, it’s important that you obtain practical experience before you enter the field.

Not only does this mean that you’ll be able to put your training into practice, but it’ll also help you network, make connections and make you a more attractive hire!

As we mentioned above, all of our aged care courses come with a mandatory work placement, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits listed above.

Not only that, but it’ll also help by giving you a taste of a range of real-world aged care workplaces, allowing you to decide which direction you want to take your career.

Complete a first aid certificate

The elderly are more prone to accidents and medical emergencies – as such, it’s imperative that aged care workers are prepared to deal with these types of instances.

It’s crucial that you learn how to apply first aid procedures in the event of medical emergencies – this will allow you to provide support to the elderly and those who have specialised needs.

Completing first aid training will equip you with basic and necessary skills and knowledge to help you save lives, and respond immediately to any medical crises before professional medical care arrives by providing lifesaving procedures such as:

  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) 
  • Treating burns, wounds, or poisoning
  • Attending to seizures and shocks
  • Assisting in falls and injuries

Participate in volunteer work for the elderly

Just as with any other job, recruiters in the aged care sector love people who are go-getters and who are eager to chase any opportunity they can.

And oftentimes, that can mean doing volunteer work to pad your resume and gain experience.

If there’s an opportunity, try to participate in volunteer work at an aged care or disability support provider – not only will this give you additional first-hand experience on how it is like to work in an aged care centre, but it can also make you look more attractive when it comes to applying for a permanent position.

Not to mention, some community organisations may need the extra helping hand in delivering short training programs for the elderly – not only are you improving your prospects, but you’re doing good, too!

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