The path to early childhood education and care: is it worth it?

early childhood education and care

Becoming a childcare educator can be challenging – however, it can also be extremely rewarding once you come out the other end.

As they say, nothing good ever comes for free. While it can be a lot of prep work with all the childcare courses you’ll need to complete to get certified, all the effort that goes into preparing for this is well worth it!

Of course, it’s still a big decision to make, which is why we’ve put together this article discussing what exactly makes studying childcare and early childhood education such a good choice that leads to a truly rewarding career!

What are the benefits of being an early childhood teacher?

A lot of people start heading down this track because they love kids.

While that’s a valid reason to consider going into early childhood education and care, this isn’t the only benefit of pursuing this career pathway. 

After all, while it’s great that you love what you do, there are also other things you need to look for in a career.

And luckily for you, childcare has those covered!

Stable work in a high-demand industry

Work stability will always be something that you’ll look for in any career.

Fortunately, childcare and early childhood education is a high-demand industry in Australia that’s predicted to continue growing over the next five years.

This means that childcare workers can look forward to plenty of job opportunities waiting for them in the industry. 

Not only that, but the high demand for childcare workers is only increasing, which in addition to greater job security also means that you’ll also have plenty of career advancement opportunities as you climb the ladder.

Not to mention, this is a job that’s never going to be automated – social interaction is a crucial part of early childhood development; and no computer program or machine will ever be able to replicate that!

You’re making a positive influence

We all know the important role that parents have on their children.

Kids can pick up on adults’ behaviours – for example, kids can inherit your phobias by observing your body language and reactions.

On a more positive note, how they grow up can also be shaped by a parent’s parenting style and attitude, as well as their relationship and the types of activities they do together.

As a childcare worker, you’re going to be the most important adult in a child’s life aside from their parents – and the one that they interact with most during their early years.

As such, you’ll have a big impact on how children develop.

With your formal training in a variety of different child development theories, teaching techniques and best practices, you’ll play a crucial role in creating healthy, well-adjusted kids with a bright future ahead of them.

What inspires you to teach? Find work that’s uniquely rewarding

A rewarding career is more than earning a good salary – although this matters, what will really keep you working in the industry is the simple things.

Childcare as a profession is full of rewarding, heartwarming, and positive experiences.

Not only will you be making an impact on young lives, but you’ll also get to see the little ones in your care develop with each passing day.

There’s no greater reward than seeing children achieve their growth milestones with you!

Work flexibility

Work flexibility is becoming increasingly important, regardless of what industry you work in.

Childcare educator is one particular role that offers you considerable flexibility in your work and hours.

Shift work is common in childcare, with most early learning centres operating shifts in order to accommodate the hours that parents might require from you.

Whether you prefer the early shift, the late one, are looking for part-time work, or even want to open and run your own family day care centre, your routine can work in childcare. 

What other career options are waiting for me?

Childcare worker isn’t the only pathway open to you – study a childcare course, work hard and climb that ladder, and you might find yourself also working as…

Child care centre manager

If you are confident and competent in your childcare skills and would still want to take your leadership and management skills to the next level, you can aim to become a childhood centre manager or supervisor.

While it’s possible to be promoted into this position by working hard, it isn’t the only pathway – you can also study a relevant managerial course that covers all the essential skills you’ll need to manage, direct, lead, and plan operations at a childcare facility.

Child care counsellors

Childcare centres aren’t your only option either – you can also work in the school system as well!

In some cases, a Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care can set you on the path towards becoming an early childhood counsellor in pre-primary schools in addition to early childhood centres.

Child care counsellors are trained to provide support to children’s basic needs and respond to emergencies for children with special needs and other behavioural issues such as:

  • Childhood depression
  • Attention-deficit disorder
  • Abuse
  • Low self-esteem

Some employers may require you to have a background in counselling (or further qualifications), while others do not as long as you have experience working with children.

Out of school hours care (OSHC) 

With parents getting busy at work and sometimes having to work overtime during weekends and holidays, many are now relying on out-of-school-hours carers, knowing that their children are in good hands when they can’t be around. 

Like the name suggests, out of school carers provide care to children outside regular school hours.

Their support gives parents relief should they need assistance during these hours especially if they can’t always rely on friends or relatives to help out. 

Complete your childcare studies, and you may also be able to work in:

  • Before school care
  • After school care
  • Care during school holidays / school holiday programs

Is an early childhood education degree worth it?

Enrol in Academia’s online childcare courses in Melbourne

Academia’s e-learning childcare courses prepare you to become the best childcare educator you can be.

And since we also offer online learning, you’ll be able to tweak your timetable and schedule to fit your needs!

Studying online childcare courses in Brisbane is now possible, allowing you the flexibility to gain your qualification and access the many career opportunities waiting for you!

At the same time, our focus on practical learning and placements at real-world centres means you’ll leave ready for whatever challenges you’ll face.

Just one more question left: which course is right for you?

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC30113)

Learn the foundations of children’s development by enrolling in our Certificate III in Childcare in Brisbane.

This course will teach you the basics of early childhood care for kids of all ages, teaching you how to provide a healthy environment for children to learn and play. 

Learn about different development theories and approved learning frameworks that will guide your methods and help you build positive relationships with children.

Explore our Cert 3 in childcare in Brisbane.

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care (CHC50113)

Take your career to the next level when you enrol in the Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care in Brisbane.

This course can be a crucial stepping stone if your goal is to eventually manage a centre or own and run your own family day care.

As part of your course, you’ll learn everything there is about leading a team, accreditation, licensing requirements, and crucial knowledge you’ll need to manage a childcare centre.

Enrol in online childcare courses at Academia 

Learn from our online childcare TAFE equivalent courses through Academia’s online learning system that prepares you in advance once you work in a childcare centre.

If you want to learn more about childhood education and care in Brisbane, get in touch with our Brisbane campus on (07) 3187 4599.

Alternatively, you can also contact our Melbourne campus on (03) 9671 4755 or get in touch online here.