Introducing our new EAL courses: are they right for you?

Academia's new EAL courses

If you want to study English in Australia, then you’ve probably heard of all of the different English courses on offer.

Instead of just one course, our institute offers many types of English courses for different students.

And now, we’re adding another course to the list!

Starting from 2021, new students who want to study English in Melbourne will also have the option of enrolling in English as an Additional Language, a new English course we’re offering at our Melbourne campus going forward.

What does this course involve, and what makes it different from our other courses?

And most importantly, is it the right choice for you?

Government funding for EAL courses in Melbourne

Eligible domestic students study FREE English!

Here’s another thing that makes EAL different from our other English courses: EAL students qualify for government funding – something that none of our other English courses offer.

The Victorian Government’s Skills First Funding program offers government funded courses in Victoria for a range of TAFE equivalent courses, including Academia’s EAL courses.

Eligible students can qualify for government funding, allowing them to start and complete an EAL course free of charge – tuition fees as well as materials will be 100% free.

Just like all the other courses covered by Skills First, eligible students need to be:

  • Australian citizens or permanent residents
  • New Zealand citizens
  • Refugees/asylum seekers
  • Living in Victoria

Students who hold an AQF level 5 (Diploma) qualification or higher from an Australian provider as well as students enrolled in the Commonwealth Government’s “Skills for Education and Employment” program will not qualify for a government-funded EAL course.

Learn more about government funded courses.

What is EAL?

Designed for people who speak a non-English language at home, this course is intended to help you:

  • Get better at casual conversation
  • Make transactions (giving instructions, going shopping)
  • Improve your reading and writing
  • Develop skills for further education or work
  • Get a better understanding of Australian life

Our General English courses already cover a lot of this stuff – what makes EAL different?

Simple: the difficulty level.

Most students who enrol in EAL have very few English skills, and often lack English basics. 

People who might enrol in an EAL course include people:

  • Who are recently migrated
  • With limited English skills
  • Who don’t have previous formal learning

EAL is designed to help build that basic foundation. Since many students are also new migrants, this course also includes classes on life in Australia as well, helping them adjust to their new lives “Down Under”.

What’s the difference between ESL and EAL?

You may often hear EAL called ESL – English as a Second Language; these acronyms are usually used synonymously.

However EAL is preferred as in many cases, English is simply not the student’s second language; it could be their third or fourth. ESL can therefore imply that the second language – in this case, English – is more secondary to the student’s native or first language.

How long does EAL take?

Just like our other English courses, EAL classes are held from Monday to Thursday, with a total of 20 hours of classes per week.

Once enrolled, the duration of the course will depend on which EAL level they enrol in, with EAL II running for 25 weeks, while EAL III runs for 23 weeks.

EAL levels

Academia offers two different EAL levels depending on students’ goals as well as how strong their English foundations are currently.

These are:

  • Certificate II in EAL (Access)
  • Certificate III in EAL (Access)

Not sure which is more appropriate for your needs? Our friendly course advisors can help you decide.

How is EAL taught?

Our campus at Lonsdale Street, Melbourne is very well-equipped and centrally located, making it easy to get via public transport.

That’s why Academia blends in-person and online classes for all of our EAL classes, giving students more flexibility with how they learn English.

Learn more about how our online learning system works.

Study English for FREE under Victorian government funding!

Learning another language is no doubt challenging, especially if a student doesn’t have a strong foundation.

An EAL course can be a big help – however, it’s just as important that students have support from their institution.

As a medium-size institution, Academia offers the best environment for EAL students.

We have the resources of a larger institution, while also offering the one-on-one attention that can only be found at a smaller one.

Not to mention, complete a EAL course with Academia and you’ll be able to easily transition into one of our other English courses:

Got questions? We’re here to help! Contact us today: