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It’s been a rough year, but with 2021 officially begun, Melbourne’s hospitality industry is starting to bounce back.

Whether it’s kicking off your culinary career as a cook, taking a shot at that management position or opening your own coffee shop, bakery or restaurant business, hospitality’s a great way to build your career.

Here at Academia, we offer a range of different hospitality courses in both our Melbourne and Brisbane campuses.

In addition to commercial cookery, we also offer patisserie courses as well as today’s focus, hospitality management courses!

Why choose a hospitality management course?

Perhaps you already work in hospitality, and are looking for an opportunity to take your career to the next level.

Alternatively, you’re moving into hospitality to chase your dream, and want to challenge yourself by striving for  a more senior or managerial position. 

Get a head-start

One of the biggest worries that students who are retraining worry about is the need to restart from the bottom.

By completing a hospitality management course, you’ll not only be able to kickstart your new hospitality career, but you’ll also be able to begin at a higher level of responsibility, saving you from the climb up the ladder.

Our hospitality courses teach you a wide range of higher-level skills that can be a big help in building your career and helping you find work right out of the gate.

Learn how to lead and manage a team

Hospitality management is all about leadership. That’s why taking hospitality management courses focus on teaching you how to manage a team, resolve conflicts and even help them develop their skills and expertise.

These skills aren’t just useful in the kitchen – they’re also transferable to all sorts of workplaces!

Learn how to conduct a business effectively

In addition to managing a team, hospitality management also teaches you how to manage a business, teaching essential skills like budgeting, inventory, stocktake and more.

Once again, these skills aren’t just used in the kitchen, but across businesses of all stripes. 

Financial planning, operational management, customer service, marketing strategies… all of these are key to a successful career, no matter the industry.

In fact these skills will follow you for the rest of your career across different roles!

Increase your promotion potential

Everyone wants to climb that corporate ladder – and what better way to advance your hospitality career than with a hospitality management course?

The additional skills that a hospitality management course involves can give you a huge advantage when a new position opens up, giving you the opportunity to take your career further.

Study hospitality – without breaking the bank

Choosing to retrain or upskill is a major decision – in large part because of the potential cost involved. For some people, this can be enough to stop them from taking that next, vital step.

Luckily, there are schemes to help with that.

Victoria’s Skills First funding program is designed to help students get access to quality training without the financial burden, offering subsidised – and in many cases, free – TAFE and TAFE equivalent courses.

And hospitality related courses are included in that.

Free TAFE and subsidised courses allow students like you to make a career change while taking advantage of partially or fully covered tuition fees and other associated costs.

Commercial cookery, patisserie and operations streams available

Hospitality isn’t just about making food – it covers a wide range of services, venues and more.

Each of these specific hospitality settings has its own unique quirks, which management will need to consider.

Luckily, our hospitality management courses have streams for each of these settings, allowing you to prepare for a range of different roles!

Whether you plan on leading from the front in a commercial kitchen or taking more of an administrative role, there’s a hospitality management stream for you.

Study on its own or combined with another course

While most of our students complete a hospitality management course alongside another course, it is possible to study hospitality management on its own – the choice is yours!

Choose to study it alongside commercial cookery or patisserie, and you’ll simultaneously attend classes that involve practical cooking training while also learning how to take on your managerial responsibilities.

Not only does this “speed things up”, so to speak, but it also means that you’ll have more options when it comes to which positions you’ll be able to take once you graduate.

Study hospitality management in Melbourne with Academia

If your goal is to get started in Melbourne’s hospitality sector, you’re going to need the right training to get the ball rolling.

And that’s where we come in.

Academia offers a wide variety of hospitality courses, covering a range of different areas:

Eager to learn more about our hospitality management courses and where they can take you? 

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