What skills and qualifications do you need to work in childcare?

childcare qualifications

You enjoy being around children; their presence brings out a joy inside of you.

You have so much passion for children, big and small, and helping them develop their skills and personality. 

You’ve explored various career pathways in childcare education.

So what do you do next, especially now that you know you want to pursue early childhood education as a long-term career?

The key is to enjoy the process of getting qualified as much as you’ll enjoy the end reward of a fulfilling and fruitful childcare career!

Budding childhood educators understand that while they already have the passion and care, they also need to engage in the right childcare course to ensure they are formally trained and officially certified to teach, influence, and support young children during their most influential years.

Educators need to be competent and proficient in managing children’s emotions, diffusing conflict, planning activities, and helping them develop social and physical skills. 

Additionally, they must ensure a safe, clean, and healthy environment for all children under their care.

You could, in fact, consider early childhood education learning as a never-ending process, as no two children – and therefore no two days in your childcare centre – will ever be the same!

What childcare courses are available?

Certificate III in Early Childhood Development and Care

If you want to start a career in childcare, the first logical step is to enrol in the Certificate III in Early Childhood and Education Care.

This course provides you with basic knowledge and skills needed to begin your career in a childcare facility.

The Certificate III can be partially completed online, or on-campus at both our Brisbane and Melbourne institutions.

The course will introduce you to the day-to-day of working in childcare and providing care for children including: 

  • Emergency first aid response
  • Providing care and assistance
  • Health and safety
  • Creating an encouraging, positive, and respectful environment
  • Healthy eating and snacks

This course is the perfect introduction to the ever-growing, in-demand childcare industry.

Diploma of Early Childhood Development and Care

If you want to advance your training and have the end-goal of a managerial role in a childcare centre, you might like to consider enrolling instead in the Diploma in Early Childhood and Education Care.

Take your career to the next level and learn the skills you need to become a childcare leader, manager, or even centre owner. 

You do not have to complete the Certificate III before enrolling in the Diploma; changes from ACECQA (the national authority that assists Australian state governments implement the National Quality Framework) means that you can enrol directly into the Diploma if you wish to strive for a more senior role.

What soft, instinctive, and innate skills or traits do you need?

Children learn a lot from those around them – and we’re not just talking about their parents or guardians.

As someone who is going to be with them for many hours of their week, it’s critical that childcare educators not only have the following soft skills, but can also teach children in their care the values of each of them. 


Anyone who has spent time with children – whether you’re a parent yourself or have dabbled in babysitting duties for friends – will no doubt understand the importance of patience.

The value of patience not only helps you provide a quality childcare service, but also keeps you from losing your temper, lashing out irrationally, or unleashing frustrations onto your children. 

It’s also thanks to patience that you can effectively communicate with children and ensure they understand your message or request, or can make a logical decision.


A passion for children and true desire to make a difference in the development of young lives is a must-have if you want to enjoy a long and rewarding career in childcare.

Additionally, you need to “practice what you preach”; teaching the values of compassion and empathy is part of your role. 

Excellent communication skills

And when we say communication, we don’t just mean when interacting with children – you also need to be able to eloquently communicate with parents and guardians.

This could be anything from a simple summary of their day, an exciting achievement, or deeper conversations around any struggles a child may be facing. 

Lots of energy and enthusiasm!

As we mentioned earlier, no two days in a childcare centre are the same. One day, you could have external entertainment capture the children’s attention; the next, you could be facing a 40ºC day with lethargic little ones struggling to keep cool. 

And further on in the week, you’ve got kids busting with energy, running around outside playing tag with their friends.

The short story is that on any given day, you’re going to need a ton of energy to keep up with kids, whether that’s playing outside with them or helping out as they create a masterpiece during arts and crafts.

What else do you need to work in childcare?

Working With Children Check (WWCC)

The Working With Children Check is a government led screening process that analyses an individual’s history (including professional and criminal) to ensure those caring for children will not pose harm or risk. 

First Aid certification

Childcare educators or support staff in Victoria need to complete an ACECQA-approved First Aid certification every three years.

Anaphylaxis management

In addition to First Aid, childcare educators must also complete an accredited anaphylaxis management course. This can be completed at the same time as the First Aid course.

Planning an exciting career in childcare? 

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