5 reasons why you should work in aged care

You love to support others, and you think of work as something that should make a difference in someone’s life.

work in aged care

You also understand how vital aged care services are in the lives of the elderly, which is why you’re now completely confident that aged care is the right career pathway to pursue!

If so, you’ve chosen a good time to do so – with more than 1.2 million Australians who need aged care services (and counting), aged care workers are set to be in high demand!

As an aged care worker, you play an important role, looking after the needs of older patients by providing physical, emotional, mental and social support (and not just to the elderly either, but to their families too).

5 reasons to work in aged care

1) Provide care and support in specialised needs

One of the many reasons that people gravitate towards aged care as a career is the opportunity to provide genuine care to those who need it.

What you may not know however is that aged care centres aren’t the only place you’ll be able to do this.

The aged care sector is broad, with a great number of  specialisations to address the needs of those who need specialised care. For example, some elderly people may be facing rare or chronic health conditions and other illnesses that will need specialist care. 

By studying the right aged care course, you’ll be trained to provide specialised support to people living with unique medical conditions such as Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other critical cases.

And that means plenty of opportunities to specialise for aged care workers who want to seek new opportunities and experiences.

2) Connect with the elderly in a special way

Are you all about that personal connection?

Good news: aged care offers plenty of opportunities for you to connect with people in meaningful ways.

You always hear that aged care makes a difference in someone’s life. In addition to the actual care itself however, you’ll also make a difference by providing that human connection that so many people so crave.

Of course, it isn’t just the elderly residents that benefit from this – for the more extroverted student, this opportunity is a major selling point!

You can do this by frequent conversations, interaction, stories and just being around other people… for a lot of students, this connection is what draws them towards aged care courses.

3) Help the elderly live a happy and healthy life

One of the most important roles that aged care workers make in the lives of the elderly is their role in helping them live a happy and healthy lifestyle.

And we aren’t just talking about activities that aged carers can use to promote physical wellbeing (although that’s certainly part of it).

One part many overlook is the importance of mental wellbeing. Most elderly lose some of their physical mobility as they age. Put yourself in their shoes – you’ve been unaccustomed to having total control of your body.

Now imagine that’s slowly taken away from you – it’s understandable that many feel their mental wellbeing and happiness suffering as a result.

In addition to providing care, you’ll also help empower the elderly, helping them get around and maintain their previous active lifestyle as much as possible.

4) Explore more opportunities for a rewarding career

One great thing about aged care is the opportunity to specialise – you may find yourself working in various fields beyond an aged care facility.

If you’re looking into the possibility of starting a career in aged care, there are many choices that await you:

  • Home care/personal assistant
  • Respite carer
  • Community aged care
  • Aged care worker

Work in a variety of aged care settings such as clinics, home care facilities, hospitals, and even residential establishments providing a wide range of different services. 

There are also specialised areas like dementia care that provide challenging but rewarding opportunities for students like you!

5) Enjoy a steady career

While the huge variety of different specialisations mean that no two careers are identical, there’s one thing all students will get to enjoy: job security.

Thanks to the ageing population, security is one thing that aged care workers can count on when you work in an aged care facility. 

By the year 2047, the number of older people in Australia has been projected to comprise 20% of the total population, while by 2097, the number of people aged 65 and over will have increased to 12.8 million (24% of the population).

While you may not be planning on working for quite that long, the fact of the matter is when you pursue a career in aged care, you will be entering an industry that’s projected to continue growing in demand for at least the next seven decades!

And that translates into a secure and steady career.

Explore Academia’s online aged care courses in Melbourne

If you’re interested in pursuing an aged care course for your post-year 12 career, upskilling or changing direction, Academia can be a part of your career move!

Academia is a multi-award winning institute that provides the high-quality training you need to excel as an aged care worker.

And thanks to our online learning system, you’ll have even more flexibility with how you schedule that training!

We offer a range of aged care courses, including online aged care courses that are covered by government subsidies. With Academia, you’ll be able to start a government funded aged care course online.

Certificate III in Individual Support

Provide individualised support to the elderly and apply safety practices for their health and safety with our Certificate III in Individual Support.

This course teaches you the basics of personal care to the elderly, delivered through a mix of face-to-face (or online) learning, workshops, and hands-on training provided by our highly qualified staff. You’ll learn a mix of theory, as well as how to use the latest equipment and machinery that you need to operate in the aged care industry.

This course also includes a 150-hour work placement where you’ll learn from aged care professionals in a real working environment.

Find out more about the Certificate III in Individual Support.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Complete your Certificate III in Individual Support, and you’ll be eligible to continue your studies with the Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

This course builds on the foundation laid in your Certificate III, providing further training in specialist areas and preparing you to carry out activities and provide services elderly individuals who may have special needs.

Certificate IV in Ageing Support (CHC33015) prepares you to provide personal and holistic care in home, community, and residential aged care facilities.

Learn more about the Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

Got more questions? Learn more about our online aged care courses today!

Just in case you needed another reason to think about studying aged care, the vast majority of courses at Academia are covered by Skills First funding.

In essence, you may be able to complete an aged care course in Melbourne with partial or full fee subsidies.

Unsure whether or not you qualify for a government-subsidised aged care course? Our friendly course advisors are here to help.

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