4 reasons childcare is more vital to the community than ever before

There’s never been a better time to enrol in a childcare course in Brisbane. With dual-income households increasing in Australia, more and more parents are relying on high-quality childcare services to help look after their young children.

The key takeaway? Childcare is an industry primed for growth, which means more jobs and opportunities for childcare workers!

After the year we’ve had, the community needs childcare workers they can rely on to look after their kids, while they get their family back on their feet. They need somebody like you.

Make no mistake, childcare is more important to the community than it ever has been, with educators increasingly recognised as providing the community with an integral service.

4 reasons childcare is more important than ever 

1) Childcare reduces strain placed on parents

Childcare centres can be beneficial to all families; in particular, they offer a great advantage to households that need two income streams, allowing both parents to continue supporting the family financially.

They’re also a great help to single parent families, ensuring their kids are looked after without having to worry about sacrificing their single source of income.

A career in childcare provides a great service to the community, with early childhood educators providing an invaluable service to the communities they work in.

And with the number of both single-parent or dual-income families on the rise, childcare is bound to keep on growing in importance!

2) Childcare educators play a valuable role in shaping young lives

Long gone are the days when childcare workers were glorified babysitters – today’s educators play a crucial role in shaping young lives, and ensuring children are ready for the future, whatever that may bring.

Your Certificate III and IV in Early Childhood Education and Care give you the tools and knowledge you need to support children and their families, teaching you how to:

  • Facilitate positive physical and cognitive development
  • Developing children’s social skills
  • Looking after their health and wellbeing

The needs of each child will vary drastically – after completing a childcare course you will be able to discern what those needs are.

More importantly, you’ll learn what you can do to support those needs!

3) Childcare supports parents as much as they support children

When talking about childcare, we always talk about the kids themselves – often, people underestimate how helpful childcare centres are to parents.

Everyone understands the vital role that childcare centres play in looking after children. What fewer people may understand, however, is how often childcare workers guide parents, offering both new parents and seasoned parents with guidance and advice.

There’s nothing more important than raising a child, which is what makes it so important for parents to have someone they can trust to provide care for their children during times they cannot.

That’s where childcare educators come in. The service you will provide to childrens’ parents – as well as your experience and formal training – will be invaluable.

4) Childcare provides stability in times of hardship

There’s no doubt a lot of people did it tough in 2020. 

This is why it is so important for people to be able to rely on stable services. Services like childcare provide a stable platform on which people can rebuild. 

Not only do we rely on childcare services to provide care for the community’s children, but they provide important emotional and mental support to families, with a non-judgemental, welcoming environment for all. 

Raising children can be challenging at the best times. Families need to have access to childcare workers who have their best interests at heart (as well as their children’s), and who can provide them with stability during tough times.

Online childcare courses with Academia

Sure, you might not be able to complete your childcare course online, however, studying a portion of your course online does give you greater flexibility and control over your schedule.

Our online learning system strives to replicate the classroom experience as much as possible, complete with:

  • Virtual whiteboards
  • Private video calls and chat rooms
  • Small class sizes

All of which ensures you get the same experience with an online childcare course as you would if you were to study in-person!

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

The Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care is the first step you can take towards your exciting childcare career.

It provides you with the building blocks you need to progress in the industry.

As a part of this childcare course in Brisbane you will be required to complete 120-150 hours of work placement. 

This needs to take place in a registered childcare centre; Academia will organise placement for you thanks to our strong industry connections. 

The kinds of careers this certification could lead to are:

  • Childcare educator
  • Family day care educator
  • Nanny
  • Educational support staff
  • Teachers aide

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care

The Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care will prepare you to become a leader within the childcare community. You will learn how to manage and oversee the running of any childcare facility. 

In addition to the career opportunities provided by the Certificate III, you will also be eligible for roles as a childcare…

  • Manager
  • Centre Director
  • Supervisor
  • Coordinator

If you want to open your own facility or climb the ladder, this course is for you!

Enrol in a childcare course in Brisbane with Academia 

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a childcare educator, Academia is the place to do it

Whether you’ve been thinking about working in childcare for a while, or 2020 has inspired you to give back to the community, now is the best time to start. 

And Academia is the place to begin.

Our wide range of childcare courses offer the perfect solution for anyone looking to study after is facing the challenges of 2020. 

As a medium-sized institution we can ensure you get the most out of your childcare course. 

It’s the perfect middle ground: we’ll give you the one-on-one attention and support you won’t get at a larger institute, while also offering facilities that smaller ones can’t.

Get in contact with our helpful team today, and start your bright new future with an education provider you can trust. 

We look forward to helping you take the first step in an exciting and rewarding career in childcare. Contact Academia’s Brisbane campus today: