What government-funded courses are available in your state?

Over the last couple of months, we’ve dedicated a lot of blog space towards explaining your options for remote learning, as well as what options you have when it comes to government funded TAFE/vocational courses.

While we’ve been focusing primarily on Victoria, each state and territory has its own system of subsidies and government funding to allow you to complete a subsidised or even free TAFE equivalent course.

Of course, there’s one important question you should ask first, and that is “what government funded TAFE/vocational courses are available in my state or territory?”

Government-funded TAFE/vocational courses in…


Under the Victorian government’s Skills First Funding program, there are a whole range of different courses that are subsidised, as well as many that are even completely free, with all your tuition costs covered!

This covers courses for industries that are expected to be in high demand, including partial and full subsidies for many of the courses on offer at our Melbourne campus including:

  • Commercial cookery
  • Patisserie
  • Aged care
  • Childcare
  • Hairdressing
  • Beauty Therapy

On top of that, this program also covers a range of other courses for eligible students – click here to see a full list of government-funded TAFE equivalent courses in Victoria.


Victoria isn’t the only state with an extensive government-funding program for TAFE students – Queensland has its own funding programs too!

Unlike in Victoria however, instead of a single program, Queensland instead offers a range of different programs depending on what category the student falls into, with programs for:

And with such a wide variety of different programs comes a range of different courses that are covered.

As such, which TAFE  equivalent courses you’ll be able to enjoy government funding for will depend not just on the specific finding program, but in some cases, which region of Queensland you’re based in.

Other Australian states

Most states and territories have their own schemes in place that offer subsidies for certain TAFE  equivalent courses:

4 more questions to ask when choosing a training provider

While the biggest question to ask is what government-funded TAFE/vocational courses are available to you, that isn’t the only question you’ll need to ask…

Are they a certified training provider?

With almost 4500 training providers all across Australia, there’s no shortage of training providers to choose from. 

The first thing to look at when narrowing down the field is whether or not they’re certified and accredited by the Australian Qualifications Network (AQF), the organisation that regulates the training and educational sectors in Australia.

Made a shortlist of providers for your government-funded course? Unsure if it’s made up of certified training providers? You can check for their code or title to see their credentials.

How much will you need to pay?

While there are many eligible courses under both Victorian and Queensland schemes, not all of them are completely free – many of them are only partially subsidised.

Don’t get us wrong, any type of support is better than none – just don’t make the mistake of thinking that all of your tuition is completely covered.

What’s more, it’s also a good idea to look into some of the other costs you might incur:

  • Textbooks and learning materials
  • Uniforms for workshop classes
  • Placement fees

Luckily for you, our friendly course advisors are more than willing to help you understand exactly what is covered!

Does your training provider offer courses that are covered by government-subsidised training?

While many courses are partially or fully covered by government funding, there’s still the question of finding an institution that offers the course you’re interested in.

Thus, it’s important once you lock in your direction that you seek out a provider that actually offers the course you’re interested in.

Really, there isn’t much else to say about this!

What options do you have to take your course?

Attending classes in-person isn’t the only option anymore – something that has no doubt been a huge help given the current circumstances!

When researching different training providers, it’s important that you also look at what options they offer for completing your course.

In particular, choose one that offers an online training option.

And not just emailed worksheets and one recorded lecture a week, either – choose a provider whose online learning system replicates the classroom experience, with real-time classes, interactive virtual white boards and small class sizes.

Luckily for you, Academia’s online learning system offers all of these, allowing you to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of online learning without the pitfalls it usually comes with!

Complete a government-funded TAFE/vocational course in Melbourne or Brisbane with Academia

If you want to complete a TAFE/vocational course in Brisbane or Melbourne, you’ll need to start by choosing the right institution!

And if you’re based in either of these cities, we suggest starting by looking at Academia!

We offer a range of different courses that give you the training you need to get started in a range of different industries:

These are just some of the courses we offer that are covered by government funding – we also offer other courses too for those from all walks of life, including recent year 12 graduates, older students who wish to retrain, or those seeking a totally new career change.
Find out if you’re eligible to enrol in one of Academia’s Government-funded courses – check out our application process, contact us on (03) 9671 4755, or click here to enquire online.