The role of first aid in our aged care courses in Melbourne

aged care courses Melbourne
aged care courses Melbourne

Our aged care courses in Melbourne are designed to provide students like you with all the knowledge and skills you need to begin (or further) your career in aged care.

It involves a mix of classroom lessons, hands-on learning and real-world placements.

Your training covers much more than just the mechanics of aged care – you’ll also learn about:

  • Empowering the elderly
  • Legal and ethical requirements
  • Accommodating for disabilities and physical impairments
  • Infection and disease control

You’ll learn about providing basic medical care as well: our courses have units focused on catering for medical requirements, administering medication and of course, providing first aid if needed.

The role of first aid in aged care

As the tragic death of John Reimers in 2016 reminds us, first aid is a crucial skill that all aged care workers need to know.

In this particular case, aged care workers failed to check the client’s vitals and provide basic first aid. The coroner believed that Mr Reimers death was preventable.

Incidents such as these may happen anytime in aged care – that’s why aged care workers need to be properly trained in first aid procedures.

Despite the importance of it, you might be shocked to learn that first aid isn’t a requirement in the aged care industry!

We strongly recommend seeking our first aid and CPR qualifications. In addition to making you a stronger candidate, first aid training can also help you…

Save lives

The elderly are especially vulnerable to health emergencies.

In addition to falls, seniors are also at a higher risk of other medical emergencies such as illnesses, infection and heart attacks.

Needless to say, your immediate response to these medical emergencies can save lives.

As they say, minutes matter in medical emergencies. The sooner first aid is applied, the higher the chance of survival.

For example, the chances of surviving cardiac arrest decrease by 7-10% with every minute CPR isn’t applied.

Prevent situations from getting worse

Even basic first aid skills can save lives by keeping residents stable until paramedics can arrive on-scene with life-saving equipment.

You can’t expect every aged care facility to have an operating ward, after all.

However, swift response and immediate first aid can help stabilise residents and stop their condition from getting worse.

Providing better overall care

Your role as an aged care worker involves looking after all facets of a resident’s wellbeing.

That includes looking after their health in the event of an emergency.

In addition to first aid, our aged care courses in Melbourne includes units to teach you:

  • Fall prevention strategies
  • Creating safer, healthier facilities
  • Infection and disease control
  • Administering medication

All of which helps you safeguard residents’ health and wellbeing!

Respond to a wide range of medical emergencies

Seniors are especially vulnerable to medical emergencies:

  • Old age often leads to impaired balance, increasing the risk of falls
  • The immune system weakens with age
  • Seniors are more likely to suffer chronic health problems like hypertension

Each of these medical emergencies requires a different response. For example, you wouldn’t use AEDs in a case of a fall.

First aid training can help you respond to each of these medical issues properly, ensuring that the correct medical response is observed.

Study aged care in Melbourne with Academia

Your career in aged care starts by studying aged care in Melbourne.

Academia provides high-quality education in helping you develop the necessary skills, experience and knowledge for a rewarding career in this ever-growing sector.

In addition to basic first aid training, our aged care courses also focus on other ways of safeguarding residents’ wellbeing and preventing medical emergencies altogether.

Our courses don’t just teach you the theory behind these – with practical workshops that replicate real aged care facilities (as well as placements in real facilities), we also teach you how to implement these strategies!

Certificate III in Individual Support

Learn the basics of aged care and support with our Certificate III in Individual Support.

Certificate III lays the foundation of your career, teaching you how to provide individualised support and meet personal support needs of patients both in aged care facilities and on-home care.

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Certificate IV in Ageing Support

Further your studies with the Certificate IV in Ageing Support.

In addition to all the subjects taught as part of a Certificate III in Individual Support, the Certificate IV also teaches you additional skills and knowledge required to manage a team or group of co-workers.

Are you a current aged care worker looking to take on a leadership role within your organisation?

If so, a Certificate IV might be just what your career needs!

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