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Learning English may be a challenge, but what awaits you at the end is incredibly rewarding!

When learning, there is so much new information to take in. It takes time and you need support that is easy to access and helps you enhance your learning.

We find that, along with help from our English courses in Melbourne, our students benefit from knowing about the resources available to find English language information and support.

Our English language resource tips can make your language journey a lot easier and enjoyable!

There are a range of options available and we are confident that our suggestions won’t leave you short of ideas.

So this week, we’re sharing some of our favourite English language apps, websites, and resources. Read on to discover our picks to help you when you choose to study English in Melbourne.

English learning apps

Applications (or as they are usually called, apps!) are online resources designed for a specific purpose.

The great news is that there are apps designed to help with learning a language.

Two of the apps available for those learning a new language are Duolingo and Memrise. 


Cost: Free and Plus plans available

Duolingo’s website says the app is “fun and addictive”. You might wonder how a language tool can make this claim… and we’ve got the answer!

The app turns the task of learning a language into a game. It does this by including things often seen in online games in English language lessons.

When you use the app you can, “Earn virtual coins, unlock new levels, and watch your fluency score rise as you master new words, phrases, and grammar.”

Duolingo offers two plans: Free or Plus – so it’s up to you whether you want to pay for the app. Regardless, there’s no excuse not to download Duolingo and spend just five minutes every day polishing your skills and learning new words!

Duolingo can be a fun new part of building your English language skills. 


Cost: Free and Premium plans (monthly, annually, or lifetime) available

Memrise gives you another way to learn and remember English words.

The app focuses on realistic language experiences. It does this in the way it provides language information to users and gets them to use it.

Memrise aims to make learning a new language more enjoyable, memorable, and interesting.

Some Memrise app features are free and others are available as in-app purchases.

Websites to help enhance your English skills

Another online resource for learning English is websites.

Both free and easy to access, websites can be a way to practice reading or find answers to language-related questions.

There is no shortage of English language website options which could leave you overwhelmed by choice.

These are our some of our favourites to help you get you started!

English Grammar Guide 

Grammar (rules about how language is used) is an important but often difficult part of learning a new language.

The English Grammar Guide aims to cover every topic that comes up when you’re learning about English grammar. It includes information about:

  • Nouns
  • Adjectives
  • Adverbs
  • Determiners 
  • Verbs & Verb Tenses
  • Speech
  • Punctuation
  • Relative Clauses

You can also take a free test on the site to test out your improving English language grammar skills!  


Freerice might sound like a funny name for a language site, but once you know a bit about this site, it will start to make sense!

The Freerice site is a free online game where you choose the definition of a series of words from different options.

For every answer a user gets right, sponsors of the site send the cash equivalent of 10 grains of rice to an organisation called The World Programme.

So you can make a difference while you practice your English!

BBC Learning English site 

The BBC has a Learning English site that aims to help people around the world learn English.

This site offers free audio, video, and text materials to English language learners, no matter where they’re located.

You can click on the drop-down menus on the site to find resources for basic, intermediate and upper intermediate English language users, and explore grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Other resources 

Online is not the only place to find English language resources! You can also learn and practice English language skills by:

  • Watching English movies (and in particular, Australian movies can be a great resource for local slang!) 
  • Listening to music from English-speaking artists 
  • Reading out loud in English and recording yourself 

Read more in our earlier blog posts about listening to English language and practising your English language speaking skills.

Another way to practice when you’re studying English with Academia is through our free clubs and extra classes. During these optional classes, you can further develop your skills with other students.

Our free clubs include: 

  • The Academia Movie Club – listen to and speak with other students about all your favourite movies!
  • Academia’s Conversation Club – engage in conversation with fellow students in a casual real-world group setting
  • Writing extra – where you’ll learn to plan, draft, write, and edit a piece of writing
  • And more!

Read about all the free clubs available when you study English in Melbourne with Academia here.

Academia’s English courses in Melbourne

Our English courses in Melbourne are designed to improve all parts of your English fluency, including speaking.

More importantly, they are also designed to help you reach your goals, whether you’re learning English for immigration, study, or work.

We offer a broad range of English courses to suit everybody’s needs and skill level, each of which are also NEAS (National Education Assessment System) assured.

Our English courses include:

General English (GE) courses Melbourne

With classes for every level of fluency, General English is the perfect course for students who simply want to become more fluent overall.

This course focuses on helping you communicate and understand, with an emphasis on day-to-day English skills.

With regards to speaking, that means improving your conversational skills by increasing your vocabulary, improving your pronunciation and helping you better understand what people are saying.

Learn more about our General English courses in Melbourne.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses

Studying at an Australian university will truly challenge your English skills. You’ll have to:

  • Write essays
  • Read complex studies and documents
  • Understand lecture slides
  • Read textbooks
  • Interpret more technical language

English for Academic Purposes focuses on preparing your speaking skills (along with reading, listening, and writing) for all types of assignments and presentations, including essays, debates, and more.

Not to mention, you may also find yourself booking one-on-one meetings with your lecturers, professors, and career advisors to discuss your work and course.

English for IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

IELTS is an internationally recognised English test that is used by many workplaces and immigration tests.

Are you applying for a career that requires a certain level of English fluency? Our IELTS preparation courses can help improve your IELTS score!

The IELTS exam contains a range of different parts, including reading, writing, listening and of course, speaking. Here’s an example of the speaking component of the IELTS exam.

Our IELTS preparation courses are tailored for specific IELTS bands. If your job applications require band 7, we will prepare you for the level of speaking required for that band.

Learn more about English for IELTS in Melbourne.

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