Enhance your Commercial Cookery course with Hospitality Management

So you’re eager to be part of the hospitality industry, and have recently finished your patisserie or Commercial Cookery course.

But what comes after that?

Your studies don’t end once you complete your Certificate III or IV in Commercial Cookery.  As they say, you never stop learning!

One pathway that’s worth considering is studying Hospitality Management.

A Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management can help students advance their careers in the hospitality industry, and is a great supplement to our Commercial Cookery courses in Melbourne.

Today, we’ll be discussing why!

How does studying Hospitality Management enhance your Commercial Cookery course?

Many of the students enrolled in our Hospitality Management school aren’t studying a Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management on its own.

Rather, the vast majority study it in conjunction with one of our patisserie or Commercial Cookery courses.

The reason is simple: once they graduate, they’ll come out as more well-rounded job applicants!

Students who complete a Commercial Cookery course and a Diploma of Hospitality Management are stronger candidates, plain and simple.

What’s more, they’re also more prepared to take on management roles in hospitality businesses!

You won’t be limited to just working in the kitchen

One of the essential skills covered in our Hospitality Management courses is the ability to lead and manage a team.

These skills aren’t just important in keeping a team of chefs and kitchen staff together – they’re applicable outside of the kitchen, too!

Some of the subjects involved in our Hospitality Management courses include:

  • Budgeting
  • Managing finances
  • De-escalation
  • Researching and complying with regulations
  • Operational planning

These skills carry over from the kitchen and can be extremely helpful in other areas of hospitality businesses.

For those applying at hospitality establishments with other functions such as hotels, this can be beneficial – especially if you plan on making a career move!

Better promotion potential

Obviously, a promotion to executive chef doesn’t just come down to your formal education and training – your ability to create menus and design food is a large part of it.

However, just as important is your ability to look after the managerial side of the kitchen!

Luckily for you, a Diploma or Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management covers all of this and more – it’s in the title, after all!

With these essential management skills under your belt, you’ll be a better candidate for promotion, as your Diploma will prove that you’ve got the ability to lead and manage your team.

The skills to start your own business

Loving to cook (and being good at it) is just one part of successfully opening or managing your own hospitality business.

As we’ve mentioned before, commercial kitchens are different from home kitchens (something our Commercial Cookery courses in Melbourne prepare you for).

Another thing you don’t need to think about at home however is the administrative side of running a business!

Budgeting. Inventory. Management. Marketing.

These are essential skills if you’re to succeed in your own business… skills that our Hospitality Management courses teach.

Want your business to go the distance? Hospitality management is just what you need!

Explore Academia’s Hospitality Management courses!

Our Commercial Cookery courses in Melbourne are the first step towards your hospitality career – however, there’s even more that you can do to improve your skill set.

One such thing is by enhancing your Commercial Cookery course with a Diploma of Hospitality Management!

All of our Hospitality Management courses can be completed either standalone, or on their own for returning students or current hospitality workers who want to further their careers.

Diploma of Hospitality Management – Commercial Cookery stream (SIT50416)

Combining both theoretical learning and practical application, this course provides you with the necessary skills to rise up to the task of leading and managing in the kitchen.

With a focus on running the kitchen, this Diploma is focused on preparing you for a role as senior chef.

In addition to hands-on tasks, you’ll also learn about essential managerial tasks like:

  • Inventory management
  • Handling finances
  • Budgeting
  • Operational planning

Many of the subjects covered in a Diploma of Hospitality Management are also incorporated in a Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery.

By packaging these two together, you’ll come out with an attractive dual qualification, without dramatically impacting your course load!

Learn more about the Diploma of Hospitality Management (Commercial Cookery Stream).

Diploma of Hospitality Management (operations stream)

With a stronger focus on the behind-the-scenes part of Hospitality Management, this particular Diploma is focused on preparing students for management roles outside of the kitchen.

This stream is perfect for those who have already completed a Commercial Cookery course and who want to move into more of an administrative role.

Some of the roles that students holding this diploma have moved onto include hotel management and facility management, just to name a few.

In addition to two semesters of non-kitchen work, this stream will also feature a semester-long placement in various hospitality workplaces.

Learn more about our Diploma of Hospitality (Operations Stream).

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management (SIT60316)

The Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management takes your leadership, management, finance, and overall operations skills to the next level.

This course gives you a greater opportunity to work in higher-level management within the hospitality industry.

Academia has partnered up with the best establishments in Melbourne and Brisbane in order to enhance your studies with practical, real-world learning.

Available in Commercial Cookery, patisserie and operations streams, an Advanced Diploma might be just what you need to kick-start your career in such a competitive industry!

Complete your Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery, Certificate IV in Patisserie or Diploma of Hospitality Management to enrol in this course.

Find out more about the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management.

Want to learn more about our Hospitality Management courses or Commercial Cookery courses?

Hospitality management might be just what you need to bring your career to the next level.

Our lessons aren’t limited to the classroom – our focus is on preparing you for the workplace, which is why we put so much emphasis on practical, hands-on workshops and industry placements in highly respected, real-world establishments!

Want to learn more?

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