5 reasons to enrol in hairdressing courses in Melbourne

hairdressing course Melbourne

Maybe you’ve just finished your secondary education.

Alternatively, it could simply be that you want a change in direction. Perhaps you’ve always had a passion for beauty that never became more than a hobby (until now!)

As their studies progress, we see first-hand how our students not only develop their strengths, but also solidify their passion to pursue a rewarding career in hairdressing.

Here are just some of the most common reasons our students come to Academia to study hairdressing and gain the skills needed to enjoy a great career.

1) Employability

If we’re going to start somewhere, we may as well start off with the most important consideration: your employment prospects.

Luckily for you, your odds of finding work as a hairdresser look pretty great!

According to Job Outlook, hairdressing is an in-demand career, with the predictions of around 6,200 new job openings annually. Not to mention, in 2018 only half of all vacancies in Victoria were filled, meaning there’s plenty of work out there (details for other states can be found here).

No matter the season or year, there’s always going to be demand for hairdressers.

During economic tough times, people tend to cut back on expenses. However, there are certain luxuries that most don’t do away with – for example, their monthly haircut. As long as you stay on top of the latest trends, you’ll never be short of work.

2) You prefer hands-on work

Office work simply doesn’t do it for us all – some people simply need to work with their hands!

And if you’re one of them, hairdressing might be perfect for you!

Hairdressing is an inherently hands-on career – you’ll be cutting, washing, styling and colouring hair on a daily basis.

More than that however, it’s also a profession where you’ll be able to enjoy immediate feedback on your work.

We don’t mean just customer feedback either (though you’ll certainly receive that) – rather, we’re talking about the ability to immediately see the fruits of your work.

According to some academics, this is part of the recipe to greater job satisfaction and happiness.

Even if you don’t quite agree with that assertion, there’s no denying that it’s extremely satisfying making something with your hands and being able to see your work come together in real-time, before your very eyes.

If that’s the type of thing that gives you a bit of a rush, you might want to think about enrolling in our hairdressing courses in Melbourne.

3) Transferable skills

Aussies are more mobile than ever before.

No, we aren’t just talking about how ride-share apps like Uber have allowed us to get around easier – more and more Aussies are moving overseas.

Finding a new job in a new country can be challenging – especially if you don’t have a network of friends to fall back on. Complicating matters, there’s no guarantee that your qualifications may be recognised internationally.

Luckily for you, hairdressing skills are close to universal. A trim is a trim, whether you’re in Sydney, Amsterdam, or Singapore!

Academia’s hairdressing courses in Melbourne include workshop lessons, as well as mandatory work placements.

These will give you the practical skills needed to apply as a hairdresser, no matter where you are in the world. You’ll enjoy job security in the event that decide to uproot and move overseas.

4) There’s no such thing as a “routine” day

No two days are the same when it comes to hairdressing.

One minute, you might be styling a high school student’s hair for their formal.

The next, you could be doing a simple in-and-out trim.

Immediately after that, you could find yourself performing a complex dye job.

Not to mention, you’ll constantly be challenged by new styles and cuts as trends come and go over the years.

Variety and challenge: that’s exactly what a career in hairdressing offers you.

You’ll constantly be working with new people, learning new styles and more, making hairdressing one of the most varied and dynamic careers out there.

5) You just love working with hair!

You didn’t think we’d overlook this, did you?

If you follow hair styling blogs, subscribe to hair styling channels on YouTube and religiously keep up with current trends, a career in hairdressing is a no-brainer!

Turn your interest and passion into a skill that’ll help you solidify a rewarding, long-term career.

Enrol in our hairdressing courses in Melbourne

Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416)

Get your start in the hairdressing industry with a Certificate III in Hairdressing.

This qualification is delivered in both classroom and workshop settings, teaching you everything you need to get started in a salon, including:

  • Cutting
  • Styling
  • Design
  • Colouring

Additionally, you’ll also receive training in crucial customer service skills, as well as the various regulations you’ll have to adhere to.

Click here to learn more.

Certificate IV in Hairdressing (SHB40216)

Take your hairdressing career to the next level with a Certificate IV in Hairdressing.

This qualification builds on your hairdressing skills, training you in more specialised hairdressing techniques like complex hair extensions, chemical reformation, colour correction, and even makeup application!

These skills can prepare you for a role as a senior hairdresser, session stylist or even as a technical adviser.

This certification is open to students who have both:

  1. A Certificate III in Hairdressing (or equivalent);
  2. And at least one year employment as a hairdresser

Click here to learn more.

Diploma of Salon Management (SHB50216)

Eager to take on a managerial position? Want to open your very own salon? You’ll need the skills to make that work – skills that a Diploma of Salon Management can provide.

Operating or managing a salon requires different skills from hairdressing. Academia teaches students essential administrative and business management skills over 20 weeks.

Additionally, students will be required to complete a 20-week work placement in a real-world salon where you’ll be able to put their newly-learnt skills to the test.

Click here to learn more.

Study hairdressing in Melbourne with Academia

Our hairdressing courses are for the designer, stylist, and artist in you.

Whether you’re fresh out of school or making a career change, Academia can help you get there.

At Academia, you’ll be taught by expert instructors with up to 10 years of teaching experience, and much more industry experience as hairdressers. You’ll learn the ropes both in the classroom and our salon.

If you’d like more information on our hairdressing courses, or would like to enrol, get in touch with our course advisors today: