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(Translated To Turkish)

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English for Academic Purposes EAP
courses prepare students for further studies in Australian institutions. There are two levels offered at Academia, Intermediate and Advanced. Courses start every week and run from Monday to Thursday (20 hours). On Fridays there are optional extra lessons and social activities which are at no extra cost. It takes approximately 10 weeks for a student to raise her or his IELTS score by .5.
Studies in EAP courses will focus on formal English, especially reading and writing skills. Students are expected to write essays, make presentations and read and summarize articles. All students are provided with a course book, and supplementary materials will also be provided by the teacher. Students are also given regular IELTS training. Students entering EAP1 will need at least an intermediate level of English (approximately IELTS 5.0). Students completing EAP1 will be eligible for entry into EAP2. EAP2 is for university preparation, and students must have an upper-intermediate or advanced level of English competence (approximately IELTS 5.5).

Course Details

Course Name:

English for Academic Purposes



CRICOS Duration:

5 to 20 Weeks registered on CRICOS, including tuition plus course breaks


five (5) to Twenty (20) weeks full time

Course Delivery Location:

  • Melbourne Campus
    (152 Elizabeth Street Melbourne VIC 3000)


EAP-1 (Akademik Amaçlı İngilizce 1 Kursu)
EAP-1 kuruna başlayan öğrencilerimizin en azından orta seviye İngilizce’ye ihtiyacı vardır. (IELTS dengi yaklaşık olarak 5.0 dır). EAP-1’i tamamlayan öğrencilerimiz EAP-2 ye devam edebilecektir.

EAP-2 (Akademik Amaçlı İngilizce 2 kursu)
EAP-2 kursu üniversite hazırlığı içindir ve öğrencilerin bu kura katılabilmesi için üst orta veya ileri seviye İngilizce seviyesini bitirmeleri lazım. (IELTS dengi yaklaşık olarak 5,5)


Students successfully completing 10 weeks of EAP1 are now able to directly enter into any Endeavour Certificate or Diploma course. Students successfully completing 10 weeks of EAP2 are able to directly enter into any Endeavour Degree program. See the University Pathways or Higher Education Institute Pathways webpages for details.

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