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Professional English Courses for International Students

English special $190 / Week
+ RSA & food handler certificates *

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Cantonese Version Wing Yip Lee
French Version Melissa Courtin
Greek Version Androula Markou
Italian Version Francesco Rotunno
Japanese Version Koki Fukayama
Korean Version Jihyang Myeong
Korean Version Hyerim Kim
Mandarin Version Yee Theng Low
Spanish Version Julmyth Lei Carrillo
Thai Version Auchareeya Potima
Vietnamese Version Dieu Quynh Vien

Academia International achieves quality outcomes in ALL criteria in its most recent NEAS Quality Audit achieving the highest possible result.

NEAS Quality Assures University, TAFE and Private Institutes English Delivery

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English School Overview

International students have been studying English at Academia's Campus located in the centre of Melbourne since 2005. Students choose Academia and our English courses for our balanced nationality mix in each class, a friendly, warm and supportive environment and the opportunity to mix with other students studying vocational courses. Like other high quality language schools such as Deakin University English Language Institute, Hawthorn English Language Centre, and RMIT English Worldwide, Academia is a full member of English Australia and is committed to delivering the best possible language teaching and support services

Which English course is right for me?

General English (GE)*
Code: 074238K

Designed for students ranging from complete beginners to advanced learners, this course provides students with the opportunity to practice their language skills in a supportive and encouraging environment.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)*
Code: 064320K

Students hoping to study further in Australia need to practice their Academic language skills. This course provides the support that international students need to reach their goal of entering a university or college.

English for IELTS Preparation*
Code: 068514A

IELTS preparation courses prepare students to take the IELTS test. Courses start every 5 weeks. It takes approximately 10 weeks for a student to raise his or her IELTS score by 0.5

English for PTE (Pearson Test of English) preparation

The Part-time PTE preparation course prepares students to take the PTE test (Pearson Test of English) and focuses on improving students' language skills and test-taking techniques.

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Meet some of our Teachers

Free online lessons

Academia English Melbourne Australia

Presentation Structure

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

Academia English Melbourne Australia

Introduction to Conditionals

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

Academia English Melbourne Australia

Aussie Slang: Saying Hello

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

Academia English Melbourne Australia

Basic Noun Phrases

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

Academia English Melbourne Australia

Argumentative Essay Introduction

Meet Academia’s Teachers – Free online lessons

Why Study At Academia?

Study at Academia and experience the world

In addition to our Australian Students, Academia has over 50 nationalities attending our Vocational and English courses on average at any point in time.

Education and Industry Awards

Academia is known as a leader in quality tuition recognized by Industry and the Australian Government as our awards show.

Campuses Location & Facilities

Our campuses situated in the central business districts of Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia. Our English Students have access to spacious classrooms all with sunlight access, electronic projectors, and computer labs with free internet access during and outside class hours.

mid-sized tertiary institution

You will be treated as an individual at Academia with personalized care and a tailored training plan for students who encounter difficulties in progressing in certain subjects.

Free Extra Classes for Our English Students

All our English programs now run 4 days a week (20 hours) with 1 day of FREE optional extra classes/activities.

Conversation Club

This class is ideal for students who want to:

  1. Practice their speaking skills
  2. Meet and socialise with students from different classes
  3. Discuss a variety of topics

Pronunciation Club

This class is helpful for students who want to:

  1. Improve their pronunciation
  2. Improve their fluency and sound more natural
  3. Understand different accents

Job Club

This private one-on-one class will help you to:

  1. Write a resume/CV
  2. Write a professional cover letter
  3. Practice answering interview questions

Writing Extra

This class is useful for students who want to:

  1. Improve their writing skills
  2. learn how to write a good topic sentence, paragraph and essay
  3. learn how to plan, draft and edit a piece of writing

Movie Club

This class is perfect for students who want to:

  1. watch and talk about movies in English
  2. practice their speaking, listening and writing skills
  3. meet and socialise with students from different classes

PTE Preparation Class

This class is suitable for students who are:

  1. interested in an alternative to the IELTS test
  2. want to learn more about the PTE's test structure and question types
  3. want tips and strategies on how best to approach the PTE test

Social Activities

To get the best out of your learning experience learning in Australia, Academia organises social and leisure activities every 5 weeks. These include:

  1. Zoo trips
  2. Glow Golf
  3. Pub quiz events
  4. Student parties
  5. Sporting events
  6. Book club
  7. Gallery visits

English School Trainer Qualifications

All Teachers at our English School:

Are native English speakers

Have a minimum of a Bachelor Degree and a Certificate IV in TESOL

A large proportion have a Masters in English teaching related studies

Have an average of 5 years of teaching English to overseas students

Having had many years of teaching experience, our teachers can quickly identify and apply teaching techniques to address their students’ needs, and to deliver effective English tuition in a fun, systematic and supportive learning environment.



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