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Financial Assistance, Fees and Charges

Financial Assistance, Fees and Charges


Be careful of fast tracked courses often offered at no cost.

In recent years there has been an explosion of Government funded providers offering short courses often without charging any fees from students.
The quality of education delivered at such courses is questionable where students not only find themselves unemployable upon completion of their course but have lost their eligibility in funding as well for future courses.
(with the Victorian Training Guarantee, if you are over 20 years of age and have completed a qualification to find that it was under-delivered with no real skills transfer, then the next time you redo the course you will not be Government funded and you will need to pay in full).
Industries are beginning to push back on questionable providers. See Childcare centres blacklist accredited training organisations providing poor graduates

At Academia we choose to deliver all of our Training face to face in class across a duration that enables students to attain real learning and skills transfer. Further still, for courses that require industry placement (Aged Care, Childcare, Hospitality, Cookery, Patisserie) where a student must complete a set number of hours in industry in order for them to graduate and obtain their qualification, we arrange work placement for our students at no additional cost. If the course offered is too good to be true in other words at no cost and/or at a fraction of time to complete as compared to other institutions then it is too good to be true. Please choose wisely in order to utilize your funding eligibility with real learning and job outcomes.

Victorian Training Guarantee

This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding

For eligibility contact us 03 9671 4755,, On Line or see Government Funding


Whether you are eligible for the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) above or if you find that you are not eligible for the VTG, for Australian Citizens studying Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, we also offer VET Fee Help (an income contingent loan made available by the Commonwealth Government of Australia). VET Fee Help is an income-contingent loan meaning that you do may need to pay any tuition fees upfront but pay back your tuition fees in instalments (starting with 4% of outstanding amount per annum) through the Taxation system. Click below for more.

VET FEE-HELP, more info click here
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