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Academia values its Agent relationships - with existing relationships spanning more than 10 years.
Academia, has in place written policies and procedures using the ESOS Act and National Code of Practice to ensure the integrity and practices of all approved agents.
We are an ethical and professional College and look forward to partner with Agents whom adhere to the following criteria:

  • Agents must act in an ethical and professional manner in all undertakings with international students, their families and their representatives.
  • Provide advice to international students based on Academia's published and web-based information on matters of admission requirements and processes, course availability and tuition fees.
  • Inform International Students about education migration policy in Australia.
  • ESOS Guide from the Australian Government: Click this Link

Application to become an Agent of Academia:
Agencies with experience in Australian Student Visa application procedures and a number of enrolments previously submitted to other Australian Institutions are preferred. This will be verified through Academia contacting referees as confirmed by you (the Agent).

An agreement for your organisation will be processed and issued depending on the outcome of the reference checks. Theses reference checks will be conducted on three [3] of your current associated Australian Education Institutes, please provide clear contact details of the Registrar names you have been dealing with (including eMail addresses).

Complete and forward an Agent Application Form to:
Agent Manager: Mel Koumides
Application form:
Telephone International: +61 3 9671 4755
Telephone Local: (03) 9671 4755

IDP Offices
Academia is a member of IDP Education find an office near you by visiting, or view a full list of IDP Offices.

National Code of Practice 2007.pdf
Prospective International Students:
If you are looking for an Education Agent to assist you, please see list of Approved Education Agents webpage.

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Thank you for your interest in becoming an Academia Agent Please note if you are applying from an Assessment Level 3 country (or your major source country is AL 3 for VET AND ELICOS students, see this link) unfortunately we are not processing any new agent applications. Please check with us again in the future.